The Honest Kiierr Laser Cap Review You’ve Been Waiting for

Laser caps that stimulate hair growth have taken the market by storm, especially after they’ve been approved by the FDA. One rising star that many people are on the fence about is the Kiierr laser cap.

But does this laser cap actually work to improve your hair growth rate? What about its side effects, if there are any?

Well, our job is to give you a detailed insight into what this cap is like in this Kiierr laser cap review. We’ll be sharing its pros and cons, who this cap is for, how to use it, and how it compares to its competitor—the Capillus laser cap.

Ready to dive in?

Kiierr Laser Cap Overview

Much more user-friendly and convenient than other types of hair growth therapy options, the Kiierr laser cap is hard to ignore by people that face hair loss issues.

This cap has revolutionized hair growth therapy because it’s portable, easy to use, and shows positive results in only seven months!

Using LLLT (low-level laser therapy) technology to produce wavelengths that encourage the scalp to produce hair, this cap is FDA-cleared and safe for use for both men and women.

Plus, it’s been featured on many shows and platforms, such as The Doctors, CNN, Forum, and many others.

Kiierr Laser Cap Top Features

Let’s start our review by listing the best features that earned the Kiierr cap its spot as one of the most popular laser caps today.

Proven Hair Growth Stimulation within 7 Months of Use

The first thing everyone wonders about is whether or not this cap actually works. Well, after reading thousands of user testimonials, it turns out that the cap isn’t just an accessory!

The Kiierr cap uses low-level light (or laser) therapy to improve cellular respiration in people with alopecia, hair thinning, and androgenetic alopecia.

In other words, this technology, which has been tested by scientists, encourages blood to reach the follicles and promote growth and hair thickness.

The cap houses 272 laser diodes that emit light to your scalp. As long as you use the cap for 30 minutes every other day, you should expect to see incredible results in seven months!

Of course, for some, that seems like a long time. However, we think it’s a fair bargain for an at-home hair treatment option that doesn’t require booking appointments or spending a large sum of money on medical procedures.

Convenient, Portable, and User-Friendly

Another cool feature about the Kiierr laser cap is that its design and use are convenient for anyone. Even those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy shouldn’t concern themselves with how to operate the cap.

All you have to do is put the cap on your head, press the power button, and let it do its job while you drive, watch TV, or make dinner!

Recharging the Kiierr cap is fairly simple, too, by plugging its power cord into a wall outlet.

Better yet, the cap promises several sessions on a full charge, making it easy to fit into your daily schedule without worrying about the batteries dying on you.

Safe and Non-invasive Hair Growth Option

One of the greatest things about the Kiierr laser cap is that it’s non-invasive and completely safe to use for all adults. Since it’s cleared by the FDA, there’s no better guarantee of its safety!

You’re also not likely to experience pain while the cap is in operation.

We think that one of Kiierr cap’s power points is that you can use it in tandem with other hair treatment remedies. Whether you’re using minoxidil or finasteride and dutasteride, the cap doesn’t interfere with their effects.

Still, it’s a good idea to consult your dermatologist about using the cap alongside other hair restoration products.

Not everyone with alopecia or other forms of hair loss has the same needs when it comes to treatment. So, it’s best to be extra careful about what you expose your hair and scalp to.

More Affordable Than Going to a Laser Hair Clinic

Just a few years ago, getting laser hair therapy was only possible through visiting a specialized laser hair clinic. But now, the technology is within reach with the Kiierr laser cap, but that’s not the best part.

When comparing its cost to what you’d otherwise spend on hair growth procedures at clinics, the Kiierr cap is much more affordable.

To put things in perspective, you’ll likely spend a little over a thousand bucks to purchase this cap, right? Add in a few more on electricity bills, however minimal, and you’ll probably not go over $1,500.

On the other hand, laser hair clinic expenses can range from $3,000 to an unfathomable $11,000 yearly. The difference is just awe-inspiring if you ask us!

Available in Many Sizes to Fit All Heads

Another feature that increases the convenience of this cap is that you can order it in several sizes. There’s also a Stretch Fit Headband to control how snug it is on your head and maximize your comfort.

It’s available in different models and systems that range in price to match your needs.

Free Two-day Shipping

The last positive point we’d like you to know about is that the laser cap should find its way to your doorstep in only two days if you order it on Kiierr’s website.

As if things can’t get better, the site promises free shipping and a 7-month money-back growth guarantee. We can already see why this laser cap is irresistible to the majority of people!

Kiierr Laser Cap Side Effects and Drawbacks

Because nothing in life is perfect, there are bound to be some drawbacks to the Kiierr laser cap. But before we dive into those, how about we explore its side effects first?

Side Effects

You can rest assured that there aren’t any side effects to the Kiierr laser cap as stated by the FDA. You may use this cap without second guesses.

Still, as we pointed out previously, it won’t hurt to double-check whether or not you can pair it with other hair growth treatments by asking your dermatologist.


Now, let’s shift our attention to the few downsides that this cap has, shall we?

More Pricey Than Other Hair Growth Remedies

Unfortunately, the Kiierr cap is quite expensive compared to other hair loss treatments like minoxidil and similar products.

The cap’s price starts at around $800 and climbs even higher depending on the model you’ll order. While it’s a one-time purchase that’ll benefit you in the long run, a lot of people don’t have budgets that allow them to buy this cap.

Still, it’s fair to say that the investment is still more cost-effective than getting LLLT therapy at a laser hair clinic.

Long Time to See Results

Seven months isn’t too bad if you think about it, but many other hair treatment options show faster results in a shorter amount of time.

Also, the hair growth rate can range from one person to another; so it might be even extra slow for some people.

Patience is a key factor if you decide to use the Kiierr laser cap!

You Use It Indefinitely

This cap surely helps with hair growth, but not for a certain amount of time.

If you plan to get the Kiierr cap, keep in mind that you’ll have to use it indefinitely to see desirable results. Here, commitment will be your best friend to restore your hair.

Who Should Use the Kiierr Laser Cap?

The Kiierr laser cap is made for people with certain conditions that are associated with hair loss, and these are:

On the other hand, it won’t have much effect on individuals suffering from advanced hair loss. If you belong to this group, you can pursue other treatment paths such as specialized medications and surgery.

We strongly advise you to visit a dermatologist in this case so that they’ll suggest the best way to go about restoring your hair.

How to Use the Kiierr Laser Cap

As we previously hinted at, the Kiierr laser cap is as user-friendly as they come!

This section explores the right way to use, recharge, and clean this cap in detail.

Using the Kiierr Laser Cap

Once you unbox your cap, it’s a good idea to give it a full charge before your first use. You can do that by connecting the included power pack to the charger, then plugging it into a wall outlet.

Then, once it’s fully charged, unplug the power cord.

Keep in mind that you mustn’t plug the cap directly into the wall; that’s a safety hazard you should avoid. Instead, you should only connect it to the designated power pack.

Next up, you should fix the Kiierr Laser Hair module into the black ball cap that you’ll find in the package. There’s also the option to grab another ball cap that you already have at home.

With your power pack charged, use the USB cable to connect it to the Kiierr Laser Hair module.

Now, sit back on your sofa or office chair, then put the cap on your head. It’s important to note, though, that you shouldn’t activate the cap before placing it on your hair; looking directly at the laser diodes may potentially harm your eyes.

With the cap on top of your head, press the power button to turn it on. A blue light will blink, indicating that the cap is working. After 30 minutes, the system will automatically shut down, letting you know that your session is over for the day!

Repeat the same steps every other day for 7 months to see desirable results.

Cleaning the Kiierr Laser Cap

Just like every device you have, the Kiierr laser cap requires periodic cleaning to keep it in tip-top shape. Luckily, cleaning the cap is even easier than using it!

Before you start, it’s important to disconnect the cap from any power source, even if you’ll be cleaning it with a dry napkin.

Then, every few weeks or so, you can grab a soft piece of cloth and gently wipe the inside of the cap with it—the area where the diodes are. The keyword here is “gently,” as applying too much force when rubbing the laser diodes might damage them.

For a more thorough job, you can wet the cloth with some warm water—just enough to rub off any grime buildup. Don’t use a soaking wet towel!

Make sure not to apply any cleaning products that contain chemicals on the diodes to keep them from malfunctioning.

Kiierr Laser Cap Safety Precautions

Before attempting to use the Kiierr laser cap, you should take a look at a few precautions to stay on the safe side. After all, it’s an electric device, and not being careful while it’s charging or in operation may expose the user to unnecessary risks.

You’ll find the safety guidelines in the user’s manual, but here’s a quick rundown of them if you wish to read them before ordering the product:

  • Avoid operating or storing the cap anywhere near water.
  • If the Kiierr laser cap accidentally falls into the water, quickly unplug it and don’t operate it until it’s completely dry.
  • Don’t use the cap on wet or damp hair.
  • Steer clear of using the cap if any of its components are broken or damaged—get in touch with the manufacturer instead to get a replacement.
  • Only use the laser cap according to the guidelines provided in the user’s manual.
  • Keep the Kiierr laser cap away from pets and children.
  • Avoid looking at the laser diodes through magnification devices so as not to subject yourself to eye injuries.
  • Make sure to place the cap, its power pack, and its power cord away from any hot surfaces to avoid electrical shock.
  • Don’t replace the manufacturer’s power cord with an alternative by another brand.
  • It’s important not to apply any pressure on the device or any of its parts.
  • Finally, don’t use the Kiierr laser cap close to any other appliance or device that has the logo of electromagnetic frequency on it.

Kiierr Laser Cap vs. Capillus Laser Cap: A Brief Comparison

Now that you know everything about the Kiierr laser cap, you might want to know the main differences between it and the Capillus laser cap. Since both are market beasts, it can be hard to settle on which to get.

Well, the following Kiierr vs. Capillus comparison should clear some of that up!

Kiierr vs. Capillus Laser Cap Similarities

Of course, these two devices have a lot in common, and these similarities are as follows:

  • Using LLLT to promote hair growth in people with early-to-medium hair loss
  • Shaped like a cap that you can adjust to fit your head snugly
  • Safe to use for both men and women as they’re FDA-cleared
  • No side effects and no pain while in operation

Kiierr vs. Capillus Laser Cap Differences

Here are the few factors that set both caps apart from each other:

Duration of Use

Sure, both devices will start showing results within 7 months, but the Capillus cap should be operated for a much shorter amount of time than its sibling.

While you should wear the Kiierr laser cap every other day for 30 minutes, the Capillus cap is made for use every day for only 6 minutes.


Capillus caps are much more expensive than Kiierr caps.

While the latter ranges from around $750 to a little over $1,000, the former starts at approximately $1,000 and goes all the way to $3,000!

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Even though both brands are pretty popular, Capillus is found on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews on its products. We can’t say the same for Kiierr.

Kiierr is only available on its website with many commentators recommending it, but not being present on a reputable site like Amazon leads many people to question its reputation.


Those two laser caps bring different things to the table when it comes to warranty, too.

The Kiierr laser cap has a 7-month money-back guarantee; just as we stated earlier. On the other hand, its competitor offers you a 1-year limited warranty on the cap itself and a 1-year limited warranty on its battery.

Kiierr vs. Capillus Laser Cap: Which One Is Better?

Choosing which laser cap to buy depends on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a brand with a better reputation and countless testimonials all over the web, Capillus may be a good fit for you.

Otherwise, people who aren’t fans of breaking the bank to get a laser cap can go for the Kiierr option instead. It works just the same way as the Capillus cap at a much more affordable price.

The Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read our detailed Kiierr laser cap review, determining whether or not it’s the right option for you should be an easier job.

This cap is loaded with great features, from the effective low-light technology that it utilizes to stimulate hair growth to its convenience for users.

While it’s a temporary solution to your hair loss problem, it’s still worth getting, especially since it can work seamlessly with other hair growth treatments. It only requires commitment and patience to see results in 7 months!

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