iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review

Balding and hair loss are serious issues that many have to deal with nowadays. The good news is that for every problem, there’s hope for a viable solution. One such solution is provided by Freedom Laser Therapy with their amazing fix that you can simply wear over your head.

With this product, the company promises to regenerate your hair follicles and boost growth with their easy-to-use helmet or, as they call it, ‘laser dome.’

Scroll down to read our iRestore review and learn all about this innovative hair loss treatment.

iRestore Product Review

With the promises that the iRestore helmet gives, should you take the chance and try out this product? Let’s see what it has to offer.

The Good

Needless to say, most, if not all, users commend the hair restoration treatment that the iRestore dome provides.

The device is easy to use. It provides a secure fit just like a regular helmet, thanks to the belt that keeps it in place. The padded cushions on the inside are an extra plus as they offer a more comfortable fit. It’s also fitted with specially-made batteries, which gives you the freedom to walk around while using it.

Yet, you do have to recharge it every now and then, but how often? The good news is that the battery lasts for up to ten uses! So, you don’t have to worry about constantly recharging the iRestore dome or about the helmet suddenly dying on you mid-session.

What’s more, it’s non-invasive, which is a huge plus for many users. If you’re not big on injections or surgery, the iRestore helmet is a good option to regenerate your hair growth.

Finally, unlike ablative CO2 laser therapy and non-ablative thulium laser treatment, you can use low-level laser therapy in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to set up time-consuming appointments at costly clinics to get the desired results.

Then, there’s the cherry on top: iRestore also costs a lot less than many other hair loss treatments.

The Bad

The main complaint about the iRestore helmet has to be its price point. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag, which makes it a product that isn’t in everyone’s reach.

Moreover, the kit itself doesn’t feel premium. In other words, you may not feel like you’re getting your money’s worth when you have it on.

Some users claim it feels wobbly and bulky when they put it on, which takes us back to the mobility aspect. You do have to compromise a bit when you’re wearing it because it does limit your movements slightly to ensure that the helmet doesn’t slide off.

Add to this that the iRestore dome isn’t the most comfortable device out there. The fact that you have to keep it on for a full 25 minutes can make the entire process feel somewhat awkward.

Not to mention that the pads tend to feel tight after a while. In fact, most people find a red mark on their foreheads left behind by the front padding when they take the device off.

What’s the Difference Between iRestore Essential and Pro?

The iRestore laser hair growth system is available in two models: iRestore Essential and iRestore Pro.

The first one comes with 120 medical-grade lasers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with an output of 600 mW. Alternatively, the latter comes with 282 lasers, LEDs, and has an output of 1410 mW.

The Essential one covers the crown, hairline, and top scalp. On the other hand, the Pro has extended scalp coverage and is designed to also reach the sides and back of the head.

Both devices come with a 12-month money-back guarantee. However, the manufacturer warranty for the Pro model lasts for two years, whereas the one that comes with the Essential model lasts for only one.

Does iRestore Work?

Dr. Dray 18 month review of the iRestore (video)

The iRestore kit does what it’s supposed to do, which is treat pattern hair loss caused mainly by genetics and hereditary reasons. This is also known as androgenetic alopecia.

There are plenty of people who vouch for how the iRestore device worked wonders in helping them overcome their hair loss issues.

However, how fast the results appear depends on the individual and how often you use the dome. Some people start noticing changes after six weeks, while others begin to see significant changes after 3–6 months.

Of course, you have to be consistent when it comes to wearing your iRestore helmet. This means wearing it every other day for the designated 25 minutes.

How Does the iRestore Dome Work?

As mentioned earlier, all iRestore devices come with both lasers and LEDs.

The lasers work by penetrating deep into your scalp to increase circulation. Their main advantage is that they can easily pass through areas that are already dense with hair. This helps boost follicle growth and prevent future hair loss in areas where you already have hair.

Furthermore, LEDs provide wider coverage, while still being able to penetrate deep enough to stimulate hair follicles.

So, the areas with thinning hair will benefit from the light energy emitted from the LEDs. At the same time, the laser takes it a step further and maintains the healthy patches of hair, and further boosts their growth.

On a scientific level, the low-level laser modulates nitric oxide in the process of mitochondrial metabolism, which increases cell metabolism.

When you stimulate the powerhouse of the cell, aka the mitochondria, this makes the cell more active. As a result, the hair growth process becomes more efficient.

Hence, if you have any hair follicles in the resting phase, the low-level laser emitting from the iRestore dome will stimulate them and make them grow hair.

There are several ways this can happen. The first is that the hair diameter, measured from the shaft, increases. Thus, hair begins to appear thicker and fuller.

The second way is that it strengthens the follicles, which works to reduce hair shedding.

Finally, there’s an increase in the number of hair follicles. This means that your hair will remain on your scalp for longer.

iRestore Side Effects

The most common side effect of the iRestore helmet would be that some people experience an initial phase of hair loss before they begin regenerating new follicles.

This can be attributed to the fact that a filtration process happens to weak hairs and only the strong ones are left to grow.

In a subpar scenario, if the iRestore dome doesn’t work in terms of increasing hair volume, it can at least end hair loss. The worst-case scenario is that it won’t provide a particularly visible effect, but it still won’t harm you in any way.

Is Laser Hair Therapy Safe?

The best part about low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is that it’s FDA-approved. It’s safe to use, even professionals use it for various scientific purposes.

The most common application is to treat musculoskeletal problems. For example, light therapy helps relieve pain in hard-to-cure conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Doctors also experiment with LLLT for brain injuries, veterinary purposes, and dental problems.

This makes the iRestore kit perfectly safe to use even in the comfort of your home.

Even better is that it comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee and a year or two of the manufacturer’s warranty. So, you’re not only safe in terms of physical repercussions but financial ones as well.

How to Increase the Efficacy of the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System?

The best practice would be to use the iRestore laser hair growth system alongside other types of hair loss treatments. Yet, it depends on what you want out of your treatment. For example, are you looking for a way to boost and maintain hair growth? Or do you want something to treat hair loss as well?

That’s why you should always seek your dermatologist’s advice first. Also, only use medications or topical creams under the supervision of a medical expert.

To help speed up results, your dermatologist may prescribe minoxidil. This medication is primarily used to treat high blood pressure, but it doubles as an effective treatment for pattern hair loss as well.

You may also be given hormone enzyme blockers. A few common examples could be something like finasteride or dutasteride for men or anti-hormones for women, such as spironolactone.

How Does LLLT Compare to Other Treatment Options?

Studies show that laser technology is quite successful compared to other topical and oral options. One study shows that the effect of LLLT is just as effective, if not slightly more so, as minoxidil 5% when it comes to treating female pattern hair loss.

Also, LLLT produced 35% hair growth in males suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This is after using iRestore every other day for 16 weeks. Compared to the 15% increase that finasteride offers, LLLT is truly powerful.

Add to that another research paper shows that LLLT is highly effective when it comes to treating alopecia. This paper also highlights the fact that using 635 to 650 nm lasers is a safe non-invasive method to boost hair growth.

However, lasers with higher penetrating powers, such as 810 nm or higher, still require more research to gain a better understanding of their side effects.


As with any hair loss and regeneration treatment, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So, users look for one that can provide the greatest results with the least amount of side effects.

This is where the iRestore laser hair growth system comes in. It’s non-invasive, easy to use, and FDA-approved with multiple studies that back up its LLLT-based technology.

However, you should consider combining two treatment options to get the most effective outcome. Also, as you’ve seen in our iRestore review, you have to be consistent when using it so you can get the results you want.

Remember, patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to hair restoration.

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