Capillus Cap Review: Everything You Need to Know

Hair loss can be a permanent problem caused by your genes or a temporary issue due to hormonal changes. With topical treatments and oral medications, new treatments hit the market every day, and you might be worried about how new they work.

In our Capillus Cap review, we’ll answer every question you have about this technology. Is it worth the hype? Let’s read to find out.

What is Capillus Cap?

Science has been looking for baldness treatments for decades, as hair thinning can affect a person’s self-image. Scientists finally developed minoxidil in the 1980s and finasteride in the 1990s. Yet, these treatments weren’t that satisfactory for some patients, so the quest for new treatments continued.

The Capillus Cap is a new innovation that promises people that their hair will be thick and healthy. It’s a battery-operated FDA-approved device to help you deal with hair loss problems like hereditary baldness, specifically androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness. It’s safe for all ages and works for men and women.

The laser treatment was first developed to relieve pain and stimulate the nerves. But, the developers noticed that these devices have a remarkable side effect; hair growth. So, research developed in that direction to use these caps for a new purpose.

Capillus Cap is a new laser treatment that prevents hair loss and promotes new hair growth. It depends on red light therapy, which stimulates the mitochondria to produce an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase.

With this enzyme, the cells in the scalp produce more energy and are able to repair the damaged tissues to be able to repair themselves and stimulate new hair follicles. The cells start absorbing nutrients, and they become healthy again.

Moreover, the potent laser light helps expand the blood vessels. This helps deliver more nutrients to the hair follicles so they become healthier. With more energy and nutrients, the unhealthy hair follicles will start working one more time.

There are different hair-stimulating devices on the market, but this cap is different. It comes with its cap, but it fits under any baseball cap, so you can easily wear it for a potent treatment. And nobody will notice that you’re wearing a hair-stimulating device.

The company currently offers various models like the Capillus One S, Capillus Plus S1, and Capillus Pro S1, so you can pick the right one for you. In addition, the laser diode output differs from entry-level models to high-end ones.

Why Should You Choose Capillus Cap Models?

Capillus Caps aren’t the only ones that deliver laser treatments. But they’re different because they offer laser diode treatments or LaserFlex.

Other caps combine laser with LED therapy or deliver LED therapy on its own, so they won’t be as efficient. You might need to wear different caps for longer periods to receive the same effects. This makes them less practical.

If you’re confused about choosing the right Capillus Cap model to choose, the website offers an evaluation form where you choose your hair thinning pattern. Then the company will suggest the proper laser treatment to help your hair grow stronger and healthier.

Many hair loss treatments aren’t that efficient or might even deliver a placebo effect for a limited period. Yet, Capillus Caps are FDA-approved for androgenic alopecia, so you can actually see the hair follicles growing and your hair getting thicker.

Different Capillus Cap Models

These models work by offering low-level cold laser therapy to keep the hair follicles healthy and prevent hair loss. With repeated treatments, wearing these caps and using them as recommended will also promote future hair growth.

All caps are designed to connect to the Capillus Cap app. You can install it on your phone and track your progress as you use the cap for daily sessions.

These models deliver laser diode therapy, unlike LED light, which doesn’t penetrate into the deep layers of the tissues. Each model is designed for a specific case and comes with some pros and cons. We’ll talk about these models in detail. They feature a flexible design, so you won’t feel restricted or uncomfortable during every session.

Capillus One S

This entry-level cap works for those who suffer from minimal hair loss or want to protect themselves from baldness. It delivers 128 laser diodes, which are way more efficient than using LED therapy.

The cap is programmed to shut off the treatment after six minutes. This duration is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

You don’t have to watch the clock as the cap shuts off on its own. At the same time, you can still do your work without being disrupted. It comes with a one-year guarantee.

Who Is It For?

You should consider this entry-level treatment if you’re looking for an affordable laser treatment to promote hair growth. Because of the lower laser output, this cap will work if you’re experiencing the first signs of hair thinning.

If you notice that your hair falls more often and you’ve been diagnosed with the first symptoms of baldness and hair loss, then you should start using this cap to prevent the condition from getting worse.

This is a great choice if baldness runs in your family and you want to protect yourself from losing more hair. It delivers incredible value for money, so you can notice a decrease in frequent hair loss. Your hair looks shinier, feels thicker, and is overall healthier.

Capillus Plus S1

With 214 laser diodes, this hair growth cap is designed for hair restoration. Wearing it for only six minutes per day will help protect your hair from excessive thinning. In addition, you can track your progress on the smartphone after installing the Capillus app on the phone. This way, you won’t have to cut the session short or miss any sessions.

Because it delivers 1.8 more laser diodes, this one will work for more serious hair loss issues. With 1010 mW total energy output, this will deliver more scalp coverage if your hair is falling fast, and you can see the male pattern baldness is beginning to show off its symptoms. It comes with a two-year guarantee.

Who Is It For?

If you notice empty spots on your scalp, it’s time to wear the Capillus Plus S1. This is a mid-level hair-promoting cap that helps prevent excessive hair loss, so you can have your luscious locks once more.

This will be an excellent choice if you’ve suffered from a sudden hair loss problem due to a trauma or nutrient deficiency. Male-pattern baldness is very difficult to treat, and the progress can be pretty fast. However, if you start the treatment early, you’ll be able to overcome this problem in no time.

Capillus Pro S1

This is the latest invention from Capillus, with 304 laser diodes. It delivers the strongest laser treatment on the market, so it will work for you if other treatments haven’t delivered the desired effects. The cap looks elegant, and it’s incredibly efficient, so you can wear it at home, at work, or on the go.

Just like other models from Capillus, you need to wear this cap for only six minutes per day. This short period is potent enough to help strengthen your hair follicles and keep your hair growing. Moreover, it connects to your smartphone, so you can track your sessions and monitor your progress.

It delivers 1360 mW of energy, and with more laser outputs, you’ll see progress. Your hair will start growing fast, and it will look healthier. Even if you’ve already started other treatments to promote hair growth and haven’t worked, this might be the right one for you. It comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Who Is It For?

If you suffer from a serious hair loss problem, then this advanced model will be the right one for you. Also, it’s the best treatment if your thinning hair issue is getting worse and you can’t seem to see any progress with other treatments.

Since this delivers 2.4 more laser diodes than the Capillus One S, it will be an excellent upgrade if you want fast and long-lasting results. Male pattern baldness is pretty challenging to overcome, and most people try several treatments trying to stop hair fall. If nothing else worked for you, you could try this one.

What Are the Benefits of Capillus Caps?

This is not the only cap for hair loss, but it comes with more benefits that make it one of the most efficient laser treatments for baldness.

  • It’s portable, easy to wear, flexible, and discrete.
  • It comes with a travel adaptor, so you won’t miss any sessions.
  • You can wear it for six minutes per day to deliver all the medical benefits.
  • The hair stimulation treatments are programmed to shut off exactly six minutes after you start the treatment, so you don’t have to worry about the clock.
  • Each cap features a silicone liner that doesn’t press on your head or overheat, so you won’t feel any discomfort.
  • The different models of Capillus Caps are designed to deliver maximum coverage to stimulate hair growth.
  • The patented technology comes with eye-safety sensors to protect your eyes, so the cap won’t start working until you put it on.
  • The laser diodes penetrate into the deepest hair follicles for a potent hair stimulation treatment, unlike LED therapy.

How to Use Capillus Cap Models

All models work in the same way. All you have to do is to wear your Capillus Cap under the provided sports cap. But it also fits under any other cap you like, so you can go run a quick errand.

First, it’s recommended that you fill in the evaluation form to assess your hair loss condition, as this will help you pick the right one for your particular condition. The company will send you an email that suggests the right cap for your specific condition.

The laser diode treatment works, especially in the earliest stages of hair loss. The more serious your baldness problem is, the more time it will take to show results.

The company offers other topical treatments like cleansing shampoo and other hair care treatments from the care bundle. Combining laser therapy with topical treatments will help show the best results.

You need to press the button until the cap switches on, and once it’s on, you shouldn’t move it or touch it. The cap is programmed to last throughout the whole session, and you can spend these six minutes relaxing or running an errand.

Capillus Cap Side Effects

The Callippus Cap is FDA-approved and will show excellent results if other topical treatments aren’t working for your male-pattern baldness. Yet, it comes with some side effects that you need to consider.

  • Using the laser treatment can first lead to some hair shedding. So, things can get worse before they get better.
  • Some people will need time before they get used to wearing the laser device.
  • Laser treatments can lead to dry skin and irritation.
  • Some people have sensitive skin, so they suffer from red patches.
  • Scalp tenderness is common, especially in the first weeks of treatment.

Do Capillus Caps Work?

Dr. Gary Linkov recommends Capillus Caps to his patients

Capillus Caps work if you’re worried about losing your hair, if male-pattern baldness runs in your family, or if you’re experiencing hair loss after trauma. If you have a serious baldness problem and you’re already bald, this laser treatment won’t work. The therapy doesn’t work for areas where you don’t have hair follicles due to your genes.

This means that to receive the best results, you need to start your treatment as soon as possible. You can also use it to protect yourself from hair loss if baldness already runs in your family.

Wrap Up

Capillus Cap is an excellent cold laser technology that aims at stopping hair loss and helps restore your hair. There are several models available, and you can combine any of them with a topical treatment to help grow your hair.

The laser treatment is more efficient than LED therapy, so wearing the device for six minutes per day will be enough to show potent results. However, you need to know that you should start this treatment if male-pattern baldness is already running in your family or you’re experiencing hair thinning. If you’re already bald, this treatment won’t work for you.

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