Scandinavian Biolabs: Hair Growth Routine Review (2022)

Ever since we were children, my sister and I had hair growth issues. We were too ignorant to take care of it when we were young, and now we’re biting on the hard truth of hair loss in our late twenties.

One of the products that stood out for us was the Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine. The product manufacturers weren’t the oldest in the market, but we’ve been hearing many positive reviews about the product.

So, we decided to research it and test it ourselves to give you an honest review. Here’s how it went.

Hair Growth Routine: What’s Inside?

The reason why the “Hair Growth Routine” has this name is that the treatment requires a routine application of three different products. Those are:

1.    The Strength Shampoo

The main component of the hair growth routine is the Bio-Plixin shampoo.

I don’t like using healthcare products that I don’t understand, so I ended up doing some research. I initially thought there was a fancy component called Bio-Plixin, but it turns out that it’s just a trademark name that the company uses.

However, I still found a variety of scientifically proven ingredients that actually help with hair and scalp recovery.

Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract is an example of such an ingredient. Amaranth contains squalene, a liquid derived from plants. This liquid helps in hydrating the scalp without allowing too much grease to accumulate.

The shampoo also contains various other nutrients like Sodium PCA and Niacinamide which have various skin and scalp benefits.

2.    The Recovery Conditioner

Conditioners are widely used for smoothening and detangling hair endings. This is why they should contain various moisturizing agents. Luckily, Bio-Plixin’s conditioner doesn’t fall short of these.

Much like the shampoo, the conditioner contains Amaranthus extract. In addition, it contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract which is an allergy-free moisturizer that soothes the hair and skin.

3.    The Treatment Serum

This Bio-Plixin serum is rich in Amino Acids, which are the main components of body proteins. This amino acid complex will help repair damage in the scalp and increase cell regeneration rates.

The serum also contains Vanillyl Butyl Ether which, without getting too sciency, improves blood circulation to furtherly enhance scalp regeneration.

Keep in mind that due to the greasier nature of men’s scalps, the concentration of some ingredients in the men’s routine may be higher. However, the selection of ingredients remains the same for both routines.

The Steps of Application

Much like any other product, the incorrect application may either lead to no results or negative effects. Luckily, Scandinavian Biolabs does offer clear demonstrations for both men and women on how to use the products.

My sister and I initially relied on those videos. We’re not saying that they aren’t sufficient; however, from reaching out to others who use similar products, we did find a few extra tricks to achieve.

Let me explain in a series of steps. Keep in mind that steps apply to both men and women:

1.    Wash You Hair

As shown in the video above, washing your hair is the very first step. Massage your head with your fingers as you clean your hair, but don’t go too rough to avoid injury.

It’s essential to avoid using soap in this step. Soaps are very strong and, with continuous usage, will cause flakes and eventually dandruff.

The deep cleanse you may be looking for from the soap will already be achieved by the shampoo in the next process, so don’t harm your scalp for no reason.

2.    Apply the Shampoo

To be conservative with the bottle while still getting the best results, your shampoo portion should be nickel-sized. You may slightly increase the amount if your hair is a bit too thick, but any more than this would be overdoing it.

Apply the shampoo over your hair and use your fingertips to push it down and rub it against your scalp. Don’t be afraid to massage your head once more while the shampoo is already on it.

3.    Leave the Shampoo for 3 Minutes Before Rinsing

One of the mistakes that I used to do was to wash my hair immediately after I’m done applying the shampoo. This prevented my scalp from absorbing the nutritious ingredients and probably contributed to the bad hair health that I acquired over time.

You’d want to wait for an average of 3–5 minutes before rinsing the shampoo to get the maximum results.

4.    Apply the Conditioner Then Rinse

Once your hair is clear from shampoo, it’s time to apply the conditioner. As I mentioned earlier, conditioners’ main purpose is to make the hair smoother and shinier.

However, unlike shampoos, conditioners shouldn’t be rubbed against your scalp. This may damage the roots of your hair and block some of the pores of your scalp.

So, try to apply the conditioner on the hair strands only without pushing it down too much on your scalp.

You don’t need to leave the conditioner for more than a minute to prevent it from spreading on the scalp too much.

5.    Apply the Serum

Applying the serum is a straightforward process. Scandinavian Biolabs recommend two pipettes of serum on your hair and scalp after you dry your hair. They also recommend leaving it on your hair for six hours for the treatment to take place.

It’s best to prevent your hair from getting wet through those 6 hours.

Does the Hair Growth Routine Actually Work?

To be completely honest, yes it does. The results may take up to 150 days to show but there’s no doubt that the product works. However, you should have the proper expectations, allow me to explain.

Hair Growth Routine does a fantastic job of repairing the scalp and providing the hair follicles with an optimum growth environment. Still, you should understand the difference between allowing a damaged follicle to grow and reforming a completely absent follicle.

This product excels in nourishing already existing hair follicles, but it won’t regrow hair strands if the follicles are already permanently damaged. That’s why it showed markedly better results with my sister than with me; I already had too much damage, but I was happy with the results nevertheless.

Final Words

Hair Growth Routine does its job well. The product’s website contains many before-and-after photos that show the legitimacy of the product, but you should keep in mind that not all results will be as remarkably good as the website.

Nevertheless, I was happy with the results and you would be too. Just make sure to follow the correct steps of applying the product and check back again after 150 days.

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