Copenhagen Grooming Hair Growth Kit Review

Whether you’re looking to grow thicker strands or increase hair volume, the Copenhagen Grooming Hair Growth Kit promises to help you reach your hair’s full growth potential.

This Danish company is a luxury brand that focuses on pampering men, with special attention to their hair growth.

Let’s take a deeper look into their hair growth kit and what it can do for your hair loss issues.

Copenhagen Grooming Hair Growth Kit Review

The moonroller doesn’t hurt when used as the needles are so tiny that they’re not painful. As a matter of fact, it feels a bit like a head massage.

For the first two weeks, you might not notice an incredible difference, but you’ll see some white hairs growing in empty areas.

The thing is, you have to be pretty dedicated to the process. This means using the activator serum on a daily basis and the moonroller three times per week.

After around a month, you’ll start noticing that your new hair strands are becoming darker and thicker.

It’ll take more time and resilience to maintain the progress of the kit, however. That’s why the duration after which you can judge should be at least around five months.

One of the hiccups that you might face while using the Copenhagen Grooming hair growth kit is that the moonroller gets dull after a certain number of uses.

This can be anywhere from after two months to four or five. So, you might want to look into investing in a moonroller once or twice during your hair growth journey.

On the other hand, the serum lasts around 50 days. As such, take into account that you’ll need to buy a replacement if you go with the basic kit or the 150-day one.

Copenhagen Hair Growth Kit Review (video)

What Does the Copenhagen Grooming Hair Growth Kit Consist of?

Let’s look into what the kit comes with and what each item serves.

1. Hair Serum Activator

The purpose of the serum is to slow down hair loss as well as regenerate growth. It affects the inactive follicles and prevents them from entering the phase where they lose hair.

The product contains a “Triple Complex”, which consists of capilia longa, centella reversa, and elaya renova.

Capilia longa works on setting the right environment for hair growth and reactivating the growth phase by resetting the hair bulb.

On the other hand, centella reversa serves as a strong antioxidant, which makes the follicle regeneration process a lot quicker.

Finally, the elaya renova works on increasing each hair’s diameter, giving you a more dense and full result.

2. A Moonroller

The moonroller comes with 1140 titanium needles, each 0.5mm thick. These needles prick into the scalp’s top layer to create tiny channels through which the hair serum activator can seep through with all its active ingredients.

This has a twofold effect. The first one is enhancing blood flow, which, on its own, increases hair growth. The second is resulting in ample distribution of the serum to all follicles, whether active or inactive.

3. Cleanser

There’s nothing much to the cleanser except for cleaning the moonroller after you’re done distributing the serum activator.

Does the Hair Growth Kit Work?

CPH Grooming hair growth kit does come with a serum that contains elaya renova, centella reversa, and capilia longa. All of these are natural, active ingredients extracted from plant stem cells, and are proven to nourish the hair.

They work on reactivating dying hair follicles and boosting the health of active ones.

Moreover, the kit includes a moonroller that helps prick the outermost layer of the scalp in order for all these active ingredients to penetrate.

Mix that with the blood circulation you naturally get from the processes of applying the serum and rolling the moonroller, and you get a pretty solid predictor of hair regeneration and growth.

However, there are some cases where the hair follicles will already be dead, so there’s little you can do to regain hair growth with those.

That’s why the company has a “Growth Guarantee”. This entails that if you use the kit for at least 150 days and document the journey on a monthly basis, but to no avail, you’re granted the right to your money back.


Now that we’ve covered everything that has to do with Copenhagen grooming hair growth kit, it’s safe to say that it’s a trial-and-error product.

It doesn’t guarantee full growth. Still, there’s no doubt that it enhances follicles and does well in terms of making your hair denser.

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