The Cost of Hair Transplants in 2023 (USA + Worldwide)

We lose a few strands of hair every day. It’s a part of life. As we get older, there could be more hair fall with each passing day. Before you know it, some of the thinning is showing on your scalp. There is a solution to this dilemma, which is a hair transplant.

Due to patterned baldness and hair loss, professionals have figured out how to deal with it through hair transplants. You might think this is a drastic move and wonder about hair transplant costs.

Lucky for you, we’ll go over everything you need about the cost of hair transplants in 2022 (USA + worldwide). Let’s help you with your decision, shall we?

Hair Transplants: What Do I Need to Know?

A hair transplant is a process of filling a person’s thinning scalp with new patches of hair. A surgeon takes a bit of your hair (or a hair graft) from other parts of your body. It could be from a thicker portion of your scalp or another section of your skin.

This process was first done in Japan in the 1930s. By 1952, a dermatologist had successfully performed the first-ever hair transplant for a person suffering from male-patterned baldness. Since then, medical professionals have been trying to find new ways to transplant hair.

Like any other medical procedure, it has its pros and cons.

Pros of a Hair Transplant

  • A hair transplant assures you that you’ll get a fresh growth of hair
  • Getting a hair transplant of your own will look natural
  • You don’t need any specialized or additional treatment after surgery

Cons of a Hair Transplant

  • The thought of having surgery may be unappealing to some people
  • A hair transplant has some risks like getting an infection

The Cost of Hair Transplants in the USA, 2022

Hair transplants can cost differently from city to city. Typically, the cost of a hair transplant in the USA ranges between $5,000 to $15,000. You can expect to prepare at least $10,000 for starters. You can break down the cost by looking at how many hair grafts you need. 

America is one of the most expensive places to get a hair transplant. The average price per hair graft is around $5.44, from a given range of $2.80 to $10.50 for each graft. It’ll cost you $2,720 or even $21,760 for the more expensive ones. 2,000 grafts will cost an even $10,880

The possible reason for the higher price point is the US’s standard for quality and cleanliness. You’ll for sure get a first-rate hair transplant.

The Cost of Hair Transplants Outside of the USA, 2022

The average cost of hair transplants outside the US ranges between $4,000 to $15,000. Internationally, the average hair transplant cost per graft is $2.98.

If you want to estimate how much it’ll be for a hair transplant, multiply how many grafts you need by how much each graft is in your country.

Since we’ll be talking about costs between different countries, we’ll use the hair transplant cost for 2,000 grafts as the basis. Below, you can see some of the cheapest to the most expensive places for a hair transplant:


Turkey is the most cost-effective country to get a hair transplant. The cheapest hair transplants will only cost around $1,500 to $7,000 for the entire operation, including all other accommodations.

For the most part, you don’t have to deal with other expenses for your hair transplant. The average price for every hair graft will only be $1.07. As you can see, it’s $1.91 below the world average. For 2,000 grafts, that’ll cost you $2,140 for your whole surgery.


Another option for a cheaper hair transplant is to go to Mexico. Despite their lower overall costs, both Mexico and Turkey have an excellent success rate with their transplant procedures.

You can expect to pay $640 to $5,120 for your hair transplant. Each graft will be $1.28, which is lower than the global average by $1.70. That’ll make your average 2,000 grafts only cost $2,560.


India is one of the other countries offering cheaper rates for your hair transplant. You can imagine their range of prices only starting at $670, up until $5,360.

The grafts are still lower than the world average, by about $1.64. This country lists hair grafts on average at $1.34 apiece. Paying $2,680 for only 2,000 hair grafts is not that big of a demand.


A country like Hungary offers quality healthcare facilities and amenities for hair transplants, but with lower fees for you to deal with. A hair transplant will end up being $735 to $5,880.

A 2,000 graft job will only set you back $2,940. It’s a lower price because the cost of each hair graft is $1.47. The difference between this price and the overall average is $1.51.


The prices in Portugal may wildly vary due to the competitive nature of the clinics and the level of qualifications for their specialists. With that being said, you should expect a price range of $1,040 to $8,320. It shouldn’t be lower than that.

The general price of hair grafts in Portugal is 61 cents more than in Hungary. All the while, the country’s average rate is under the generic world average by 90 cents. You’ll end up paying $4,160 for 2,000 grafts because each graft will be about $2.08.


The UK is one of the more expensive places for this cosmetic surgery. It’s because of the strict guidelines the clinics need to follow to ensure the best patient care possible. In the data, the average sale of hair transplants is $4,000 to $15,000.

The starting price for graft in the United Kingdom is $2.26 to $3.98. The average cost per graft is $3.22, higher than the global average this time by 24 cents. That’ll add up to a total of $6,440.


Brazil is surprisingly one of the more pricey routes you can consider for your next appointment. Strictly speaking, $1,680 to $13,440 is what you’ll realistically pay for a session.

The hair grafts in Brazil are 40 cents more than the ones from the UK. They’re even 38 cents more than the overall average globally. It’ll be $3.36 if you count per graft. When you calculate that with the average number of hair grafts, you get $6,720.


The top three for higher-priced hair transplants start with France. The amount you pay could start from $1,740 to $4,000. It doesn’t stop there. If you plan to get more than the average number of grafts, the bill will be over $15,000.

Hair grafts in France cost 50 cents more than the worldwide average. It’s $3.48 for each graft. Based on this rate alone, you can end up paying $6,960.


Australia may not be the most extravagant with its fees, but it came close. The price range will clock in at $2,750 to $22,000, depending on how many grafts you’ll need.

At $2.52 above the global mean, it’s still pretty high. So, it’ll be $5.50 for every hair graft. In this case, the average cost could easily be $11,000. 


Now, here’s the most expensive country for your next hair transplant. Sure, the starting fees can be $3,500 for small-scale transplants. For full sessions that include bigger coverage and other fees, that price might go up to $28,000 or more.

The cost of each graft reflects the higher price point in Canada. They clock in at a whopping $7.00 per hair graft. That price is $4.02 more than the global standard. That means you’ll pay $14,000 for only 2,000 grafts.

7 Factors That Affect Hair Transplant Costs

Below are the factors that influence hair transplant costs:

1. Recovery Time

A hair transplant is still a form of surgery. The patient getting a hair transplant needs to add possible follow-up visits. These visits will check the progress of hair growth. Plus, the patient will need medications like antibiotics and painkillers.

As for recovery time, it’s recommended that you rest for at least 5 to 10 days before going back to work.

2. Travel Expenses

In some cases, there won’t be any available hair surgeons in your hometown.

You might eventually find the right specialist in another town or even another country. Do factor in travel costs like lodging as well.

3. Amount of Hair

The more hair grafts you need for transplanting, the more the procedure costs. On top of that, the process can take longer if you need that much more coverage. It might take an extra session or two.

4. Your Current Location

Think about where you live now. The price of hair transplants will reflect the cost of living in your area. Moreover, the availability of surgeons in or around the surrounding area will also affect the cost.

5. Expertise

Hair transplant specialists have varying degrees of skill sets and experience.

But for the best procedure possible, with properly implanted hair follicles and a perfect hairline, it’s good to look for a better surgeon. Check your chosen professional’s rates.

6. The Processing Fees

When considering having a hair transplant, you can consult a surgeon about what you need to do. It entails a consultation fee.

Depending on the specialist, the whole procedure can be all-inclusive or not. That’s not to mention how much you would end up paying for using their facilities.

7. Procedure Type

The cost of hair transplants may vary based on the type of process you choose.

Generally, there are two types of hair transplants. These are FUE and FUT. In some cases, FUE can be the more expensive option.

The Types of Hair Transplant Methods

So far, the available hair transplants you can get are FUE and FUT. The basics of each are shown below:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This procedure entails transplanting each hair follicle. It will require time and precision because the surgeon carefully selects and removes each hair from the chosen transplant area. As you can see, this process will take longer to complete.

Since this process is more time-consuming, the FUE transplant price has an overall mean of about $9,000.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Instead of transplanting each hair, a surgeon gets hair grafts instead of each follicle. Usually, the place where the specialist procures the hair is the back of the patient’s neck.

When removing a hair graft from the back of your head, long hair will hide any scarring. Though, it’ll be noticeable if you have a shorter hairstyle.

The FUT transplant price will be more affordable than FUE by 20% to 25%. So, you can say that the cost will be $7,000. The process isn’t as taxing as FUE, and it shows in the price.

FAQs About Hair Transplant Costs

Would your insurance cover a hair transplant?

In most cases, insurance companies won’t cover the cost of a hair transplant. Hair transplants are considered plastic surgery because of their cosmetic purposes. Insurance providers don’t cover elective surgeries.

It may change depending on where you get insurance. There are some limited cases when insurance does cover this procedure. If an accident or a health condition caused hair loss, like a burn, it might be covered.

How to tell if I’m qualified for a hair transplant?

Any person that experiences thinning in their hair is a good candidate to have a hair transplant, as long as they have healthy hair growth at the back and on the sides of their heads. These areas could be potential donor sites.

There’s a good chance that people who got their hair transplants at 30 years old and older will have more favorable results. Their hair will be perfectly healed and will last for a long time.

Is a hair transplant worth it?

It’s indeed worth it to get your hair transplant when done properly. There are reasons why getting this procedure when you need it is a good idea. The addition of a hair transplant gives you the following:

  • A hair transplant will wholly improve your appearance
  • Hair transplants will last a lifetime
  • The boost of confidence you get will be priceless

In Summary

Getting a hair transplant is a quality choice to make. If you need a hair transplant, multiple countries offer services that’ll help you with your operation. Some countries can give you good deals.

The USA hair graft price of $5.44 will give you a tentative price of $10,880. Turkey is the cheapest option for your hair transplant, at only $1.07 per hair graft. Alternatively, Canada is the most expensive of all the other countries. Its price will set you back $7.00 per graft. It is worth it to get a hair transplant. It benefits your hair growth, as well as the confidence you’ll have after it sets in and heals.

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