15 Wolf Cut Hairstyles: A 2024 Trendsetter’s Guide

Roaring back into fashion this 2024, the Wolf Cut hairstyle expresses untamed allure and a devil-may-care attitude. It’s edgy and whimsical, combining the modern mullet and shaggy layers to present a spirit of individuality and rebelliousness to those who choose to wear it. The resurgence of the wolf hair speaks volumes about today’s society that’s all about breaking the mold. Impactful as it is, the wolf hair cut dares challenge the conventional and allows the individual to embrace their wilder sides.

What is the Wolf Cut Hairstyle?

The Wolf Cut is an edgy amalgam of the classic mullet and shag hairstyle, with plenty of layered volume and texture. Its aim is to create a wild and tousled appearance, achieved by a prominent crown and top area that tapers into soft and thin layers at the sides and back. Surprisingly, the wolf cut style is low-maintenance and versatile enough to adapt to your preferred rebellious look.

15 Best Wolf Haircut Styles

1. Classic Men’s Wolf Cut

The Classic Men’s Wolf Cut is a stylish blend of retro and modern, characterized by its voluminous top and crown that seamlessly transition into softer, layered lengths at the back and sides. This hairstyle strikes a perfect balance between the shaggy texture of a shag cut and the boldness of a mullet, creating a look that is both rugged and refined. The feathered layers around the face add a dynamic edge, enhancing its overall appeal.

Popular variations include a longer, more pronounced mullet-inspired wolf cut for a bolder statement or a shorter, more subdued version with less contrast between the top and the sides.

Great for: thick, wavy, or curly hair, square and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

2. Men’s Straight Hair Wolf Cut

The Men’s Straight Hair Wolf Cut is an edgy and modern hairstyle, ideal for those with naturally straight hair. It features a combination of longer layers on top with gradual, softer layers at the back and sides, giving it a textured, yet sleek appearance. The cut creates a rebellious look while maintaining a clean silhouette, making it versatile for various occasions.

Popular variations include adding subtle highlights to accentuate the layers or going for a more pronounced taper on the sides for a sharper contrast with the longer top.

Great for: straight hair, rectangular and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

3. Men’s Wet Look Wolf Cut/Wet Wolf Haircut

The Wet Wolf Haircut is a contemporary and bold adaptation of the classic wolf cut, distinguished by its deliberately damp, slicked-back appearance that adds an element of sleek sophistication. This style typically combines the layered and voluminous nature of the wolf cut with a wet-look finish, creating an edgy yet polished aesthetic. The layers are cut to enhance natural movement, while the wet finish provides a sharp, glossy look.

Popular variations of this style include a more textured, tousled version for a less structured look, or incorporating a side part for a classic, refined twist.

Great for: thick hair, square or oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

4. Wolf Cut with Bangs and Undercut

The Wolf Cut with Bangs and Undercut is a striking and avant-garde version of the wolf cut, incorporating the edginess of an undercut with the soft, face-framing appeal of bangs. This style features a significant contrast between the longer, layered top and sides, and the closely shaved or trimmed undercut at the back and/or sides. The addition of bangs adds a playful, yet sophisticated element, blending seamlessly into the layered top for a cohesive look.

Popular variations include a longer, more dramatic undercut for a bolder statement, or softer, wispy bangs for a more subtle, romantic look.

Great for: thick hair, heart-shaped and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

5. Short Wolf Cut

The Short Wolf Cut is a chic and contemporary take on the wolf cut hairstyle, tailored for those preferring a shorter, more manageable length. This style maintains the characteristic layers and volume of the traditional wolf cut but keeps the overall length significantly shorter, often around the ear to mid-neck level.

Popular variations of the Short Wolf Cut include a more pronounced, textured fringe for a bold, edgy look, or a softer, more blended layering for a subtle, feminine feel.

Great for: fine or thin hair, oval or round face shape
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

6. Long Men’s Wolf Cut

The Long Men’s Wolf Cut is a bold and expressive hairstyle that extends the classic wolf cut into longer lengths, making a statement with its flowing, layered look. This variation keeps the iconic choppy layers and voluminous top of the traditional wolf cut while allowing the hair to grow out longer, often past the shoulders. The extended length adds a sense of drama and movement, highlighting the hair’s natural texture.

Popular variations of the Long Men’s Wolf Cut include incorporating subtle highlights to add dimension or experimenting with different layering techniques for a more personalized look.

Great for: wavy or curly hair, oval and square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

7. Beachy Wolf Cut

The Beachy Wolf Cut is a relaxed and effortlessly chic variation of the wolf cut, inspired by the tousled, sun-kissed hair often associated with beachgoers. This style is characterized by its soft, wavy layers that mimic the natural texture of hair lightened and textured by the sea and sun. The cut maintains the layered and voluminous essence of the wolf cut but with a more laid-back and breezy feel, perfect for a casual, summery vibe.

Popular variations of the Beachy Wolf Cut include a more pronounced, wavy texture for a bolder, more dramatic beach look, or a subtler, smoother wave for a gentle, understated effect.

Great for: naturally curly or wavy hair, best for heart-shaped and oval faces
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

8. Mullet Wolfcut

The Mullet Wolfcut is a daring and eclectic hairstyle that combines the edgy, retro flair of a mullet with the textured, layered look of a wolf cut. This style features the signature short front and sides of a traditional mullet, while the back is left longer and layered, creating a voluminous and dynamic effect typical of the wolf cut. The melding of these two styles results in a unique, eye-catching look that exudes confidence and individuality.

Popular variations of the Mullet Wolfcut include a more pronounced, sharper mullet for an edgier look, or softer, more blended layers in the back for a subtler, more modern twist.

Great for: naturally wavy or curly hair, square and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

9. Messy Textured Wolf Haircut

The Messy Wolf Haircut is a rebellious and effortlessly cool version of the traditional wolf cut, emphasizing a tousled, carefree look. This style features the characteristic layers and volume of the wolf cut but with a deliberately unkempt and rugged appearance. The layers are cut to enhance natural movement, creating a laid-back, ‘just rolled out of bed’ vibe.

Popular variations include a more pronounced texture for a wilder look, or integrating an undercut to add a modern twist and reduce bulk.

Great for: wavy or curly hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

10. Buzzed Sides with Curly Hair

The Buzzed Sides with Curly Hair hairstyle is a striking and modern look that combines the sharp, clean lines of buzzed sides with the natural allure of curly hair on top. This style accentuates the contrast between the very short or shaved sides and the voluminous, textured curls, creating a bold and edgy appearance. The curls on top bring a dynamic, playful element to the haircut, while the buzzed sides offer a sleek, streamlined feel.

Popular variations of this style include varying the length of the curls for a softer or more dramatic look, or adding a fade to the buzzed sides for an even more contemporary twist.

Great for: natural curls, nearly all face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

11. Men’s Curly Hair Wolf Cut

The Curly Hair Wolf Cut is a captivating adaptation of the wolf cut specifically tailored for curly hair, blending the cut’s inherent edginess with the natural beauty of curls. This hairstyle maintains the layered, voluminous nature of the wolf cut but accentuates the curls, allowing them to define the shape and flow of the style.

Popular variations include longer lengths for a more dramatic, bohemian look or shorter, more manageable layers for a subtler, everyday style. The Curly Hair Wolf Cut is ideal for curly-haired individuals seeking a stylish, contemporary haircut that celebrates their natural curls in a fashionable and unique way.

Great for: naturally curly hair, heart-shaped and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

12. Low-Maintenance with Contrasting Edges

The Low-Maintenance with Contrasting Edges hairstyle is a modern and stylish choice for those seeking an easy-to-care-for haircut with a distinctive twist. This look features a straightforward, minimalistic hair length that requires little daily upkeep, combined with sharply defined, contrasting edges that give the style a unique and edgy character. The contrasting edges, often seen around the hairline or in the form of an undercut, add a striking visual element to the otherwise simple style.

Popular variations include more pronounced or creative undercuts, or adding subtle color accents to the edges for an additional flair.

Great for: most hair types, faces with sharp features
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

13. Shaggy Wolf Cut

The Shaggy Wolf Cut is a playful and textured take on the classic wolf cut, characterized by its tousled, carefree appearance. This style emphasizes the layered nature of the wolf cut, with each layer cut to create a shaggy, unstructured look that adds volume and movement. The shagginess gives the hairstyle an edgy, bohemian vibe, making it perfect for those who prefer a laid-back, yet stylish appearance.

Popular variations include longer layers for a more dramatic, rockstar-esque look, or incorporating highlights or balayage to add depth and dimension to the shaggy layers.

Great for: curly or wavy hair, square or round face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

14. Curtain Bangs

The Curtain Bangs Wolf Cut is a stylish and contemporary update to the traditional wolf cut, featuring the addition of curtain bangs that frame the face elegantly. This hairstyle combines the layered, voluminous body of the wolf cut with the soft, face-framing quality of curtain bangs, creating a balanced and trendy look. The bangs typically part in the middle and sweep to each side, seamlessly blending into the layered sides of the cut.

Popular variations of this style include longer, more pronounced curtain bangs for a dramatic, retro-inspired look, or shorter, more subtle bangs for a modern, understated approach.

Great for: both wavy and straight hair, square, heart, or oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

15. Dual Color/Colored Tip

The Colored Tip Wolf Cut is a vibrant and eye-catching take on the conventional wolf cut, distinguished by its addition of colored tips to the hairstyle. This variation retains the signature voluminous and layered look of the wolf cut but introduces an element of boldness and creativity with the dyed tips. The colored ends can vary from subtle pastels to bright, neon hues, depending on personal preference.

Popular variations include choosing ombre or gradient color styles for a more blended look or opting for bold, contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect.

Great for: nearly all hair types and face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

Tips to Style Your Wolf Cut Hairstyle

After making a splash on social media, many people have decided to give themselves the wolf cut. If you want to do it right, it’s still best to visit your barber or hairdresser.

After that part is over, styling should be relatively easy, with many tips and tricks to maintain the wolf mane and keep it from running wild. For example, have a volumizing mousse on hand and a leave-in conditioner for wavy, curly, or thick hair.

Prep the Hair. Permed and wavy hair can go right to the next step. Wet the hair enough so you can manipulate it easily when blow-drying.

Try a Pre-Styler. Something that produces shine will fit right into the wolf cut and allow you to create more movement and streaks.

Tame the Wolf. Now it’s time to manipulate the hair’s center section- use your fingers to pull the middle to the top and pinch the middle for volume. When satisfied, use a blow dryer in the direction you want the flow.

Sides and Mullet. The sides can be pinned using one’s fingers and a blow dryer at medium heat, while the mullet can be styled by letting it flare. Finish with a hairspray and a few scrunches to complete the look.


What is the Wolf Hair?

The Wolf hairstyle mixes the mullet and shag to form a cool and rugged fashion sense. It’s characterized by layered hair at the top and length on the back, and possibly the sides. The wolf cut can be done even on shorter hair and if you ask your barber for a fade or undercut.

When Did the Wolf Hairstyle Become Popular?

DIY haircuts were the norm during the pandemic, and the Wolf is somewhat a result of that. The signature choppy layers hark back to the 1990s, and Koreans brought it to a mainstream audience on TikTok.

Can Wolf Cut Work with Thinning Hair?

Those with thinning hair can still rock a wolf cut, albeit with skillful execution. Thin hair can be made to appear fuller using layers and texture, as long as they’re not too short. A more subdued wolf cut is the recommended style- in the right hands, the hair’s natural volume can be enhanced and distract the viewer away from the less flattering areas.

How Do I Ask for a Wolf Cut?

When asking your barber or hairdresser for a wolf cut hairstyle, consider the length, texture, and fringe. How long or short do you want the layers to be? Do you want it relaxed, curly, or wavy? The shape and length of the fringe are important too. If they are not familiar with the wolf hair cut, then you can show a few pictures saved from your phone.

Softer layers and shapes allow you to ease in and eventually enjoy the wolf cut. Also, you should be open to your barber or hairdresser’s suggestions since they’re the experts.

What are the Best Ways to Style Wolf Haircut for Formal Occasions?

It’s not impossible to style a wolf for formal events. The key is striking a balance between elegance and keeping the edgy look intact. Sophisticated can mean sleek and controlled, from hair products to smooth down flyaways and frizz to gently styled brush-back hair. A volumizing spray with a blow dryer can add a controlled and voluminous effect.

How Can I Maintain My Wolf Hair Cut?

Despite its intimidating appearance, the wolf hair cut is actually easy to manage. Stick to a hair routine and concentrate on smoothing down frizz and adding volume to make the most of the rocking hairstyle. Brush daily, add volumizing mousse or a leave-in conditioner while the hair is still damp, then go for a trim every 8-10 weeks for long hair and 6-8 weeks for short hair.


Transform into an alpha male in just one visit to your barber or hairdresser with the wolf cut hairstyle. If you’re looking for something that encapsulates your rebellious and edgy attitude with a modern twist, then feel free to give this hairstyle a go.

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