15 Flow Hairstyles for the Modern Man: A 2024 Lookbook

With its timeless allure and nostalgic flair, the Flow Haircut has made a comeback in 2024 one hair strand at a time. More than just a fashion statement, the Flow Hairstyle is a mirror of today’s dynamic times, echoing each individual’s freedom of expression. Flowing locks are a modern aesthetic that captures grace and fluidity- make it yours with this 2024 Modern Flow Hair Cuts lookbook collection.

What is the Flow Haircut?

The Flow Hairstyle is effortless and relaxed, with natural waves of hair moving away from the face to accentuate the movement. Its popularity stems from the hairstyle’s ease of maintenance and versatility, coupled with its ability to show off a relaxed yet confident demeanor and masculine elegance.

15 Best Men’s Flow Hairstyles

1. Mullet Flow with Faux Hawk

The Mullet Flow with Faux Hawk combines the daring edge of a mullet with the modern twist of a faux hawk, featuring a shorter, spiked, or textured top that gradually flows into longer, layered hair at the back. This hybrid style exudes a bold, rebellious vibe, blending the classic flow’s laid-back nature with the faux hawk’s structured boldness.

Popular variations include a more pronounced, sharper faux hawk for a dramatic look, or a subtler, blended approach where the transition from hawk to flow is seamless.

Great for: thick hair, square or oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

2. Flow Haircut for Straight Hair

The Flow Haircut for Straight Hair is a sleek and refined version of the classic flow, tailored specifically for men with straight hair. It features a smooth, gradual lengthening of the hair from the sides to the back, creating a seamless transition that exudes sophistication. The straight strands effortlessly sweep back, giving a clean, polished look that’s both timeless and modern.

Variations of this style include incorporating subtle layers for added texture or a slightly asymmetrical cut for a more contemporary edge.

Great for: straight and fine hair. most face shapes, especially rectangular and oval
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

3. Effortless Bro Flow

The Effortless Bro Flow Haircut epitomizes a relaxed, yet stylish and sophisticated look, perfect for men seeking a low-maintenance but fashionable hairstyle. Characterized by its natural, wavy texture, this haircut usually features medium-length hair that gracefully sweeps back, creating an effortless flow that moves freely. The key to this style is its unstructured, casual appearance, making it look as though the hair has naturally settled into a stylish shape without much effort.

Variations of the Effortless Bro Flow include a slightly shorter cut for ease of maintenance or a longer, more pronounced flow for a bolder statement.

Great for: slightly curly or naturally wavy hair, heart-shaped or round faces
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

4. Flow Hairstyle with Short Sides

The Flow Hairstyle with Short Sides offers a modern twist on the traditional flow, blending the free-spirited essence of longer hair with the crispness of short sides. This style features a striking contrast, with the hair on top kept medium to long, flowing back naturally, while the sides are closely cropped or faded, adding a sharp, contemporary edge. The juxtaposition creates a look that’s both polished and rebellious, embodying a blend of sophistication and laid-back charm.

Popular variations include a more textured, tousled top for a casual look, or a sleek, combed-back appearance for a classic, refined vibe.

Great for: Wavy or straight hair, round faces
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

5. Middle Part Flow Haircut

The Middle Part Flow Haircut revives a classic style with a modern flair, ideal for those seeking a blend of retro and contemporary aesthetics. This haircut is characterized by a distinct middle parting, with hair of equal length flowing down smoothly on both sides, often reaching the ear or shoulder level. The symmetry of the middle part adds a touch of elegance and balance, making it a statement style that’s both eye-catching and sophisticated.

Variations of this style include adding subtle layers for more texture and movement or experimenting with the length for a more dramatic or understated look.

Great for: slightly wavy or straight hair, square face or oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

6. Short Flow

The Short Flow hairstyle is a contemporary adaptation of the classic flow, tailored for those who prefer a neater, more manageable length. This style maintains the essence of the flow haircut with its backward movement and slight wave but keeps the hair length shorter, typically around the ear to mid-ear level. This shorter version offers a clean, fresh look while still exuding the laid-back charm of the traditional flow.

Variations of the Short Flow can include subtle layers for added texture or a slightly tousled top for a more casual, rugged look.

Great for: Fine or thin hair, rounder face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 4/10

7. Flow Haircut for Thick Hair

The Flow Haircut for Thick Hair is a splendid adaptation of the flow style, specifically designed to cater to the luxuriant volume and texture of thick hair. In this variation, the hair is allowed to grow to a medium or longer length, leveraging the natural density and body of thick hair to create a rich, full-bodied look. The hair gracefully sweeps back and flows down, showcasing the inherent strength and vitality of thicker strands.

Popular variations include incorporating subtle layers to reduce weight and add movement, or experimenting with different lengths to find the perfect balance between flow and manageability.

Great for: Thick hair, triangular, square, or oval faces
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

8. Flow Hawk

The Flow Hawk is a dynamic and edgy twist on the classic flow hairstyle, merging the laid-back vibe of the flow with the bold statement of a mohawk. This style features a distinctive longer strip of hair running down the center of the head, akin to a mohawk, but with the lengths on either side not completely shaved off, instead kept short to medium and styled to blend seamlessly into the longer central strip. This creates a unique look that’s both rebellious and stylish, capturing a perfect balance between wildness and refinement.

Variations of this hairstyle can include a more pronounced, spiky mohawk for a dramatic look or a subtle, blended flow hawk for a softer approach.

Great for: thick hair with enough texture and volume, angular or oval faces
Styling Difficulty: 9/10

9. Flowing Waves / Curly Flow

The Flowing Waves or Curly Flow hairstyle is a charismatic rendition of the classic flow, specifically tailored for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. This style embraces and accentuates the hair’s innate curls or waves, allowing them to cascade back and flow freely, creating a look full of movement and texture. The hair is typically grown to a medium or longer length to fully showcase the curls’ or waves’ natural bounce and volume.

Popular variations include a more structured, defined curl for a polished look or a relaxed, tousled wave for a casual, beachy vibe.

Great for: naturally curly or wavy hair, any face shape
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

10. Textured Flow

The Textured Flow hairstyle is a modern and stylish take on the classic flow, designed to add depth and dimension to the hair. This version emphasizes the creation of distinct textures within the flow, using layers, waves, or subtle curls to achieve a more rugged, yet sophisticated appearance. The hair is typically medium to long in length, allowing the natural texture to be showcased as it sweeps back gracefully.

Variations of the Textured Flow include more pronounced, choppy layers for a bold, edgy look or soft, subtle layers for a more refined, understated texture.

Great for: naturally wavy or curly hair, faces with sharp features
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

11. Flow Hairstyle with Moustache and Beard

The Flow Hairstyle with Moustache and Beard is a charismatic and rugged combination that pairs the classic, relaxed elegance of the flow hairstyle with the masculine appeal of well-groomed facial hair. This style involves growing the hair to a medium or longer length, allowing it to sweep back naturally, while simultaneously cultivating a moustache and beard that are meticulously maintained to complement the hair’s flow.

Variations of this style can include different beard lengths and styles, from a short, well-trimmed beard for a more polished look to a fuller, more rugged beard for a bold statement.

Great for: Nearly any hair type, triangular, square, or oval faces
Styling Difficulty: 9/10 with the moustache and beard

12. Long on Top/Long Bangs

The Long on Top or Long Bangs flow hairstyle is a versatile and stylish choice that focuses on maintaining significant length on the top of the head, often accompanied by long, sweeping bangs. This style allows the hair on top to be styled back, to the side, or left to fall naturally forward, offering a variety of looks from the same cut.

Variations of this style include having the bangs swept to the side for a more asymmetrical, edgy look or styled straight down for a classic, timeless appeal.

Great for: straight or wavy hair, oval or elongated faces
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

13. Off to the Side/Shaved Side Flow

The Off to the Side or Shaved Side flow hairstyle is a modern and edgy take on the classic flow, combining the traditional flowing locks with a contemporary twist. This style typically features hair that is longer on the top and swept off to one side, while one or both sides are either closely cropped or completely shaved.

Variations of this style can include different lengths and degrees of shaving on the sides, as well as experimenting with how the top hair is swept – either more subtly to the side or in a more pronounced, dramatic fashion.

Great for: Wavy or straight hair, almost any face shape
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

14. Combed Back Curls Flow

The Combed Back Curls hairstyle is a suave and sophisticated take on the flow haircut, specifically designed for men with curly hair. This style involves growing the curls to a medium or longer length and then combing them back to create a sleek, refined look. The natural texture of the curls adds volume and depth, making this hairstyle stand out with its unique blend of elegance and character.

Variations of the Combed Back Curls style can include more tightly defined curls for a sharper, more structured look or looser, more relaxed curls for a laid-back, effortless vibe.

Great for: curly hair, oval, square, or heart-shaped faces
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

15. Long Hair Flow

The Long Hair Flow hairstyle is a majestic and timeless expression of the flow cut, ideal for those who cherish the allure of longer locks. This style involves growing the hair significantly longer, often reaching shoulder length or beyond, and styling it to sweep back gracefully, embodying the quintessence of the flow’s natural movement and elegance. The long length allows the hair to exhibit its full texture and volume, creating an impressive and eye-catching look.

Variations of the Long Hair Flow can include incorporating layers to add dimension and movement or experimenting with different partings (middle or side) to change the style’s overall appearance.

Great for: naturally straight or wavy hair, oval, square, or heart-shaped faces
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

Tips to Style Your Flow Haircut

After going with the Flow, the next step is figuring out how to style your new hairdo. The question is, how do you style a men’s flow hair?

Thankfully, Men’s Flow Hair is easy and only requires a small effort on your part. As long as you can create movement then you should be able to get the look you want. Even those with straight hair can get some waves if they know what to do.

Wash Your Hair and Keep It Damp. Don’t let it dry out before you start combing with a brush or your hands.

Grab a Hair Dryer. Continue combing and completely dry your hair to achieve the desired look.

Styling Product Optional. You can let it hang or use a styling product such as hair wax or grooming cream. Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to brush your hair to the back or side. Let the rest hang and fall naturally in place.


A Flow Haircut should be right at the top of your list if you’re aiming to keep up with the latest hair trends for men. These frequently asked questions will get you up to speed on what flow haircuts for men are, the types of hair they work great for, styling tips, and what to ask your barber or hairdresser when you want this style.

What is the Men’s Flow Haircut?

The Flow Hairstyle has several names, including the Hockey Cut and Bro Flow. The ‘flow’ is the locks of hair that range from medium to long in length. The average length is three inches, and the good news is that they work with curly, wavy, and straight hair.

The Flow haircut is easy to style and looks great in just about any dress code, from hipster to sporty and even a professional getup.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Flow?

A decent Flow haircut requires you to keep your mane for a minimum of three months. However, if you want a proper flow then you’ll need to grow your hair for six months or so. The longer your desired length, the longer it will take.

Can Flow Hairstyles Work with Thinning Hair?

Yes, it’s possible to have a nice flow haircut even with thinning hair. Texturing and layering techniques should work wonders for movement and volume. A professional stylist can give you personalized advice on how you can make the most of your hair.

How Do I Ask for a Flow Haircut?

First, you need to make sure that you have the correct hair length. The sides should be regularly trimmed, while the rest should be grown so that it reaches the ears. A leave-in conditioner works well for extra moisturizing. To get to the point, you should tell your barber or hairdresser that you want a flow hairstyle and specify the length.

Tell the barber or hairdresser how long (or short) you want the haircut to be, then use inches or centimeters, with three being the minimum. You can also mention the variation and choose a short flow, medium flow, or a long flow haircut. To get the exact look you want, it’s best to show a couple of pictures saved on your smartphone so they will know what you’re aiming for.

What are the Best Ways to Style Flow Hair for Formal Occasions?

Get your Flow Hair Style up to speed with a curling wand or flat iron for a refined look. Make it such that there are a few gentle curls or waves to dress your hairdo for a formal event.

How Can I Maintain My Flow Hair Cut?

To maintain your Flow Hairstyle you should visit the barber or hairdresser and get a regular trim every 6-8 weeks. Doing this keeps the style fresh and eliminates split ends. Opt for a deep conditioning treatment for hair health and use quality hair care products suited for your hair type.


There are so many ways to rock a Flow Haircut that you won’t have much trouble finding the look you want. If relaxed and effortless is your calling card, then we recommend you try this hairstyle the next time you visit your barber or hairdresser.

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