15 Low Maintenance Hairstyles: Embracing Simplicity in 2024

Some of us like the idea of having stylish hair that doesn’t require too much fussing about. If you’re one of those who like to keep it effortless but still want to exude a degree of flair, then a low maintenance mens haircut is the way to go. In 2024, simple hair styles for men have become popular, thanks to their timeless appeal and quiet elegance. These easy and low-maintenance hair styles prove that sometimes, less is more.

What is the Low Maintenance Men’s Haircut?

The simple or low-maintenance hair style is exactly what it sounds like, with key characteristics being easy to style and requiring little to no upkeep. A boy’s low-maintenance haircut is typically kept short and versatile enough that it’s easy to manage. Timeless appeal aside, a simple hair style for men doesn’t require frequent trips to the barber or hairdresser.

15 Best Low Maintenance Haircut Styles for Men and Boys

1. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut, a hallmark of low maintenance hairstyles, features evenly clipped hair all around the head, typically using clippers at a uniform length. This style exudes a clean, sharp look, and its closely cropped nature makes it an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and ease.

Two popular variations of the buzz cut are the Induction Cut, which is the shortest possible without being completely bald, and the Crew Cut, where the top is left slightly longer than the sides for a touch of contrast.

Great for: most hair types, angular and defined jawlines
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

2. Man Bun with Undercut Fade

The Man Bun with Undercut Fade is a trendy and bold hairstyle that combines the edginess of an undercut fade with the laid-back appeal of a man bun. This style features a distinctive contrast, with the sides and back closely faded, leading up to the longer hair on top that’s gathered into a bun.

Popular variations include the ‘Low Fade Man Bun,’ where the fade is more subtle and lower, and the ‘Disconnected Undercut Man Bun,’ featuring a stark contrast between the long top and the shaved sides.

Great for: thicker hair types, oval or square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

3. Simple Brush Up Haircut

The Simple Brush Up Haircut is a versatile and stylish choice, known for its textured, brushed-up look on top, often paired with shorter sides for a clean finish. This haircut brings a balance of neatness and a bit of edge, with the hair on top styled upwards and back to create a modern, voluminous appearance.

Popular variations include the ‘Taper Fade Brush Up’, where the sides have a gradual fade, and the ‘Textured Brush Up’, which features more pronounced texturing on top for a rugged, dynamic look.

Great for: straight or slightly wavy hair, round face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

4. Buzz with High Fade

The Buzz with High Fade hairstyle is a sharp and contemporary variation of the classic buzz cut, characterized by its seamless high fade that merges into the closely cropped hair on top. This style adds a dynamic edge to the traditional buzz cut, offering a sleek and clean appearance with a striking contrast between the faded sides and the uniform length on top.

Popular variations include the ‘Skin Fade Buzz Cut,’ where the fade blends down to the skin for a more dramatic look, and the ‘Buzz Cut with Line Up,’ which incorporates a neat line-up around the hairline for added definition.

Great for: all hair types, most face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

5. Curly Cut with Fade

The Curly Cut with Fade is a stylish and modern hairstyle that showcases natural curls on top while incorporating a sharp fade on the sides and back. This haircut elegantly balances the volume and texture of curly hair, offering a neat yet expressive look.

Popular variations include the ‘Temple Fade Curly Cut,’ which features a more subtle fade around the temples, and the ‘Curly High Top Fade,’ where the curls are left longer and more pronounced on top with a higher, bolder fade on the sides.

Great for: naturally curly or wavy hair, round or oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

6. Simple Spiky Brush Up

The Simple Spiky Brush Up is a dynamic and modern hairstyle, characterized by short to medium-length hair brushed upwards and styled into subtle spikes for a textured look. This hairstyle offers an edgy yet refined appearance, striking a balance between sharpness and approachability.

Popular variations include the ‘Fade with Spiky Brush Up,’ which combines a fade on the sides for a more defined look, and the ‘Messy Spiky Brush Up,’ offering a more casual and tousled approach to the spikes.

Great for: straight or slightly wavy hair, oval or rectangular face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

7. Crew Cut with Fade

The Crew Cut with Fade is a classic yet modern hairstyle that combines the timeless appeal of a crew cut with a contemporary fade on the sides and back. This style features a slightly longer length on top, gradually shortened towards the back and sides, blending seamlessly into the fade.

Popular variations include the ‘High Fade Crew Cut,’ where the fade starts higher up for a bolder contrast, and the ‘Textured Crew Cut,’ which adds more defined texturing on top for a modern, rugged finish.

Great for: thicker hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

8. Burr-Style Haircut

The Burr Style Haircut is a straightforward and rugged look, characterized by its uniformly short length, typically achieved with a clipper set to a very close setting. This ultra-short style is almost like a slightly longer version of the buzz cut, offering a neat, clean, and no-fuss appearance.

Variations like the ‘Burr Cut with Fade,’ incorporating a fade on the sides, and the ‘Burr Cut with Defined Hairline,’ featuring a crisply outlined hairline, add a modern twist to this classic style.

Great for: all hair types, defined features
Styling Difficulty: 5/10

9. The Ivy League Hairstyle

The Ivy League Hairstyle is a classic and sophisticated cut, offering a blend of the crew cut’s clean lines with a bit more length on top, allowing for versatile styling. Characterized by its neat, side-parted top and tapered sides, this style exudes an air of polished elegance.

Popular variations include the ‘Ivy League with a Fade,’ adding a modern twist with faded sides, and the ‘Long Ivy League,’ where the top is kept slightly longer for more styling flexibility.

Great for: straight or wavy hair, oval and square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

10. Curly and Fringed Cut

The Curly and Fringed Cut is a trendy and expressive hairstyle that plays up natural curls, paired with a stylish fringe that adds character and dimension. This cut allows the curls to maintain their natural bounce and texture on top, while the fringe, whether blunt or side-swept, frames the face for a modern and youthful look.

Variations of this style include the ‘Curly Fringe with Undercut,’ offering a striking contrast with shaved sides, and the ‘Textured Curly Fringe,’ which focuses on creating more defined and separated curls for a distinctive look.

Great for: naturally curly or wavy hair, oval and heart-shaped faces
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

11. Long and Low-Maintenance Hair

The Long and Low Maintenance Hair style is a relaxed and effortless look, ideal for those who prefer a natural and easy-going appearance with longer hair. This style typically involves hair that is grown out to medium or long length, requiring minimal styling and embracing the hair’s natural texture and flow.

Popular variations include the ‘Long Layered Cut,’ which adds dimension and movement, and the ‘Long Hair with Light Waves,’ perfect for a more relaxed, bohemian vibe.

Great for: nearly any hair type, various face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

12. Faux Hawk Short

The Faux Hawk Short is a daring and modern hairstyle that captures the essence of the mohawk without the commitment of shaving the sides. This style features shorter hair on the sides with a longer strip in the middle of the head, styled upwards to create the iconic faux hawk look.

Popular variations include the ‘Tapered Faux Hawk,’ where the sides have a gradual taper rather than a sharp contrast, and the ‘Messy Faux Hawk,’ offering a more relaxed and textured take on this bold style.

Great for: thick or medium textured hair, oval and square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

13. Messy with Undercut Style

The Messy with Undercut Style is a contemporary and edgy hairstyle that combines the rebellious appeal of a messy top with the sleekness of an undercut. This style features longer hair on top, often styled in a tousled, carefree manner, contrasted with sharply cut, short sides and back.

Popular variations include the ‘Disconnected Undercut with Messy Top,’ where the contrast between the top and sides is more pronounced, and the ‘Messy Top with Fade,’ which incorporates a fade into the undercut for a smoother transition.

Great for: medium to thick hair, oval and heart-shaped faces
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

14. Quiffed and Cropped Sides

The Quiffed and Cropped Sides hairstyle is a sophisticated and stylish blend of classic and modern elements. It features a voluminous quiff at the front, adding height and texture, paired with neatly cropped sides for a sharp contrast.

Popular variations include the ‘Textured Quiff with Skin Fade,’ offering a more dramatic and edgy look, and the ‘Slicked Back Quiff,’ which combines the classic slicked-back style with the modern quiff and cropped sides.

Great for: straight or wavy hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

15. Simple French Crop Texture Cut

The Simple French Crop Texture is a chic and low-maintenance hairstyle, known for its textured, forward-combed fringe and shorter, neatly trimmed back and sides. This haircut exudes a casual yet refined look, with the textured top adding a modern twist to the classic French crop.

Variations like the ‘Textured Crop with Fade,’ which integrates a fade on the sides for a sharper look, and the ‘Curly French Crop,’ adapting the style for curly-haired individuals, add diversity to this timeless cut.

Great for: variety of hair types, square and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

Tips to Style Your Low Maintenance Hair

With a simple hairstyle, it’s all about being efficient. Get the look you want, then it’s off to the barber or hairdresser.

Since you won’t have to have your hair cut often, maintaining it will be up to you. Here are a few tips to keep your simple cut nice and clean.

Observe Regular Hygiene. Regular washing and conditioning are essential. After washing, gently towel dry your hair. Avoid rubbing vigorously to keep away from hair frizz and damage.

Keep Hair Products to a Minimum. A small amount of hair product is usually enough to style your hair. Ensure that it’s evenly applied, and opt for a lightweight product like a pomade, mousse, or gel. For longer hair, use a blow dryer on low heat or air dry.

Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Volume and Texture. If your hair has a natural wave or curl, work with it rather than against it. Low maintenance haircuts often look great when allowing the natural hair texture to show.

Don’t Forget the Sun. If your haircut is very short, like a buzz cut, remember to protect your scalp from the sun with a hat or sunscreen.


What is the Simple Style Haircut?

Simple style haircuts, known for their short lengths and minimal styling needs, embody ease and efficiency. Classic cuts like the crew cut, buzz cut, and Ivy League are quintessential examples, requiring only regular washing and occasional trims. These haircuts are ideal for a no-fuss, clean look, suitable for various hair types and occasions.

Can a Low Maintenance Hairstyle Work with Thinning Hair?

Yes, low maintenance hairstyles can work well with thinning hair. Shorter cuts like crew cuts or buzz cuts can make hair appear fuller and minimize the visibility of thinning areas. These styles are practical and easy to manage, making them a smart choice for those with thinning hair.

How Do I Ask for a Low Maintenance Cut?

When asking for a low maintenance haircut, be clear about your desire for a simple, easy-to-manage style. Mention specific examples like a crew cut, buzz cut, or a classic taper, and emphasize the need for minimal styling effort. It’s helpful to also discuss your hair type and lifestyle with the stylist to ensure the cut suits your needs and preferences. Save a photo or image from your phone to show your barber or hairdresser.

Why are Simple Hairstyles So Popular in 2024?

In 2024, simple hairstyles have gained popularity due to their effortless blend of practicality and timeless style, catering to a fast-paced, efficiency-oriented lifestyle. These low-maintenance cuts offer a polished look with minimal effort, aligning perfectly with contemporary preferences for simplicity and elegance.

What are the Best Ways to Style Simple Haircut for Formall Occasions?

For formal occasions, a simple haircut can be elevated with a small amount of high-quality styling product, like pomade or wax, to add a touch of sleekness and hold. For slightly longer styles, a neat side part can create a classic, sophisticated look. It’s important to keep the hair well-groomed and tidy, ensuring any natural textures are smoothly controlled for a polished appearance.

How Can I Maintain My Low Maintenance Boys Haircut?

Maintaining a low maintenance haircut for men involves a few key steps. First, keep up with regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the shape and length of the haircut. Second, wash and condition your hair regularly with products suited to your hair type to keep it healthy and manageable. Finally, use minimal styling products, if necessary, and embrace your hair’s natural texture for a neat, effortless look.


Nice and easy does it when you’re rocking a Low Maintenance Hairstyle for men. If you’re attracted to hair that just naturally falls in place, then you may want to ask for a simple style haircut on your next barber or hairdresser visit.

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