15 Taper Fade for Curly Hair Styles: The 2024 Collection

The Curly Mullet Fade haircut is springing up everywhere you look and making a strong comeback in 2024. Curly hair mullet men exude a bold and confident statement with the perfect blend of trendy and traditional. Thick, voluminous curls give way to a nice clean fade for that timeless appeal with a charm thatā€™s simply irresistible. Read on and find out how you can make the Taper Fade for Curly hair yours.

What is the Curly Taper Fade Hairstyle?

The curly taper fade hairstyle features voluminous curls on top that gradually shorten to a sleek fade down the sides and back. This style accentuates natural curls while maintaining a clean and structured look around the edges. Characteristically, the mullet curly hair and perm mullet fit right in the curly taper fade category.

15 Best Taper Fade for Curly Hair Styles

1. Taper fade Permed Mullet Combo

The Taper Fade Perm Mullet Combo hairstyle merges daring and dynamic elements, featuring voluminous, permed curls on top that cascade into a flowing mullet, all sharply contrasted with a sleek taper fade on the sides. This bold style marries the retro flair of a mullet with the modern crispness of a taper fade, creating a standout look that captures attention from all angles.

Popular variations include the “Bleached Tips” version where the ends of the curls are lightened to add an extra pop, and the “Undercut Mullet” which introduces a more radical disconnect between the long mullet and the faded sides, emphasizing the layered effect.

Great for: thick hair, oval and square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

2. Permed and Undercut Mullet

The Permed and Undercut Mullet hairstyle combines the lively bounce of permed hair with the stark, contemporary edge of an undercut. The top features tight or loose curls, depending on the perm style, that extend into a longer, textured mullet at the back, while the sides are undercut to create a clean, dramatic contrast.

Popular variations include the “Fade Undercut,” which blends the undercut into a subtle fade to soften the transition, and the “Color Pop Mullet,” where highlights or vivid color streaks are added to the curls, bringing a playful and bold dimension to the classic mullet silhouette.

Great for: thick and curly hair, heart-shaped and round faces
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

3. Short and Curly Mullet

The Short and Curly Mullet hairstyle showcases a modern twist on the traditional mullet, featuring tightly coiled or softly waved curls on top that transition into a shorter, textured mullet at the back. This style blends the playful spirit of curls with the rebellious edge of a mullet, creating a look that’s both eclectic and eye-catching.

Popular variations include the “Disheveled Mullet,” where the curls are left more natural and less defined for a rugged, carefree look, and the “Slicked-Back Mullet,” where the top curls are styled back to contrast sharply with the untamed mullet tail, emphasizing a sleek yet wild aesthetic.

Great for: curly hair, rectangular and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 6/10

4. Permed Mullet with Beard

The Permed Mullet with Beard hairstyle integrates the bold volume of permed hair atop a classic mullet with the rugged masculinity of a full beard, creating a striking look that balances soft textures with defined contours. The permed curls add bounce and life to the crown, cascading into a flowing mullet, while the beard complements the overall style by grounding the facial features with a strong, structured outline.

Popular variations include the “Faded Sides Mullet,” where the sides are faded into the beard for a seamless transition, and the “Long-Tailed Mullet,” which features a longer mullet back that contrasts dramatically with the styled beard, enhancing the vintage appeal with a modern twist.

Great for: thick and wavy hair, oval or square face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 9/10

5. Asian-Style Mullet

The Asian Style Mullet hairstyle stands out with its blend of sleek, textured layers on top that flow into a softer, more understated mullet at the back. This version adapts the classic mullet to suit finer hair textures typical of many Asian individuals, offering a stylish, contemporary look that merges traditional mullet elements with modern Asian hair trends.

Popular variations include the “K-Pop Mullet,” which often features bold color highlights and more dramatic layering to emulate the styles seen on Korean pop stars, and the “Soft Wave Mullet,” which incorporates gentle waves throughout the hair for a softer, more romantic version of the traditional mullet.

Great for: slightly wavy hair, rectangular and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

6. Permed with Bangs and Highlights

The “Permed with Bangs and Highlights” hairstyle exudes a playful yet sophisticated charm, featuring bouncy permed curls paired with eye-catching bangs and accented with strategically placed highlights. The perm adds volume and texture, while the bangs frame the face, and the highlights introduce depth and dimension, enhancing the overall vibrancy of the style.

Popular variations include the “Fringe and Frosted Tips,” where the bangs are cut blunt and the tips of the curls are lightened, and the “Soft Curls with Pastel Highlights,” which incorporates softer curls and subtle pastel colors for a gentle, whimsical appearance.

Great for: medium to thick hair, heart-shaped and oval faces
Styling Difficulty: 9/10

7. Mullet with Stylized Fade

The “Mullet with Stylized Fade” hairstyle modernizes the traditional mullet by incorporating a sharp, detailed fade on the sides that complements the extended length at the back. This style balances the boldness of the mullet with the precision of contemporary fading techniques, creating a dynamic look that’s both edgy and polished.

Popular variations include the “Disco Fade Mullet,” which features more dramatic and sculptural fading patterns reminiscent of 80s style disco fashion, and the “Sleek Tapered Mullet,” where the fade is blended seamlessly into a sleeker, more streamlined mullet silhouette.

Great for: dense hair, angular face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

8. Long Mullet and Tight Curls

The “Long Mullet and Tight Curls” hairstyle showcases a bold juxtaposition of voluminous, tightly coiled curls on top extending into a longer, flowing mullet at the back. This style celebrates the natural texture of curls, adding a contemporary flair to the traditional mullet by emphasizing length and bounce.

Popular variations include the “Curly Shag Mullet,” which blends the tight curls into a more layered, shaggy mullet for a wild, untamed look, and the “Curl-Enhanced Mullet,” focusing on enriching the curl pattern with more defined ringlets and structured layering to elevate the classic mullet silhouette.

Great for: curly or coiled hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

9. Brushed-Back and Curly

The “Brushed Back and Curly” hairstyle elegantly combines the polished look of brushed-back hair with the natural charm of curls, creating a sophisticated yet approachable style. This look involves smoothly brushing the hair back from the forehead while allowing the curls to maintain their inherent bounce and texture, creating a refined silhouette that’s both classic and contemporary.

Popular variations include the “Sleek and Curly Pompadour,” which elevates the brushed-back look into a more voluminous pompadour style at the front, and the “Textured and Tousled Back,” offering a more relaxed and casual version with less structured curls and a more free-flowing appearance.

Great for: naturally wavy or curly hair, all face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

10. Afro Mullet Combo Hair

The “Afro Mullet Combo Hair” hairstyle is a bold fusion of voluminous afro textures with the distinctive elongated shape of a mullet, creating a striking and culturally rich expression. This style features a full, rounded afro at the top and front, which tapers into a longer, flowing mullet at the back, merging retro vibes with modern aesthetics.

Popular variations include the “Textured Tapered Afro Mullet,” which incorporates a more pronounced taper along the sides for a sleeker look, and the “Color-Tipped Mullet,” where the ends of the mullet are dyed for a contemporary twist that adds an extra pop of style.

Great for: naturally coily or kinky hair, various face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

11. Temple Fade Curly Cut

The “Temple Fade Curly Cut” hairstyle marries sharp, precise temple fades with the rich texture of curly hair, creating a look that’s both clean-cut and full of personality. This style features a distinctive fade at the temples, which enhances the facial structure, while the top is left longer to showcase the natural curls, adding contrast and depth.

Popular variations include the “High-Top Temple Fade,” which features a taller, more pronounced curly top for a dramatic look, and the “Subtle Wave Fade,” where the curls are styled into softer waves to blend more seamlessly into the faded temples, offering a smoother transition.

Great for: naturally curly hair, most face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

12. Classic Perm Haircut

The “Classic Perm Haircut” offers a timeless look that revitalizes straight or limp hair by introducing voluminous curls or waves, adding texture and body throughout. This style retains a natural appearance, with evenly distributed curls from the roots to the ends, making it versatile for both casual and formal settings.

Popular variations include the “Body Wave Perm,” which offers softer, more relaxed waves for a subtle, natural look, and the “Spiral Perm,” featuring tighter curls for a more dramatic and defined effect.

Great for: thin or flat hair, various face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 7/10

13. Wet Look Permed Haircut

The “Wet Look Permed Haircut” channels a sleek, sophisticated style by combining the texture and volume of a perm with a glossy, wet finish. This haircut is typically styled to enhance the curls or waves from a perm, giving them a deliberate, shiny appearance that mimics the look of wet hair but with a defined structure and hold.

Popular variations include the “Beachy Wet Look,” which uses lighter products to achieve a more casual, tousled finish with the same shiny effect, and the “Glamorous Wet Waves,” which features larger, more defined waves for a red-carpet-ready appearance.

Great for: medium to thick hair, square and oval face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 9/10

14. Shaggy and Stylish Curly

The “Shaggy and Stylish Curly” hairstyle embraces a carefree yet fashionable look, featuring loosely defined curls that are cut in a shaggy, layered fashion to add volume and movement. This style is perfect for showcasing natural curls with a modern twist, providing a bohemian and effortlessly chic vibe.

Popular variations include the “Sun-kissed Shaggy Curls,” where subtle highlights are added to enhance the texture and depth, and the “Ultra-Volume Shag,” which focuses on maximizing the fullness and tousled effect for a more dramatic look.

Great for: naturally wavy or curly hair, oval and heart-shaped faces
Styling Difficulty: 8/10

15. Mohawk Permet Mullet Fade

The “Mohawk Permed Mullet Fade” hairstyle is a daring and edgy fusion that combines the rebellious spirit of a mohawk with the retro allure of a permed mullet, accented by a sharp fade on the sides. This dynamic look features tightly permed hair concentrated at the top and back, creating a bold contrast with cleanly faded sides, offering a modern twist on classic punk and rockabilly styles.

Popular variations include the “Color-Infused Mohawk Mullet,” where vibrant colors are added to the permed curls to highlight the style’s punk roots, and the “Tapered Mullet Mohawk,” which integrates a more gradual fade into the classic mohawk silhouette for a subtler transition.

Great for: thicker hair types, oval and angular face shapes
Styling Difficulty: 9/10

Tips to Style Your Curly Taper Fade Haircut

Diving in and getting a Curly Mullet doesnā€™t end at the barber shop or hair salon- youā€™ll need to care for your hair and style it for maximum effect. The primary focus should be on the curls and keeping your hair in great shape. Here are some tips for a stand-out curly taper fade.

Itā€™s All About the Curls. Frizz-free curls are the key to a great hairstyle. Use moisturizing products such as leave-in conditioners or curl creams to elevate it. After applying gel or cream, quickly scrunch starting from the bottom and moving upward.

Diffusers are Your Best Friend. A diffuser can mean the difference between unmanageable curls and great hair fashion. Use it while drying to keep frizz away while adding much-needed volume and shape.

Be Consistent with the Haircuts. Consider a nice trim every 3-4 weeks to keep your hair looking sharp and fresh.

A Few Sleeping Adjustments Needed. Reduce tangles and frizz by replacing your pillow sheets with satin. Remember, less frizz equals better hairstyle longevity, particularly for curly individuals.


What is the Curly Taper Fade hair?

The curly taper fade hairstyle features voluminous curls on top that gradually taper down to a close-cut fade at the sides and back. This style accentuates natural curls while offering a clean, contemporary look that blends traditional barbering with modern flair.

How Did the Curly Taper Fade Hairstyle Become Popular?

The curly taper fade hairstyle gained popularity due to its versatile and stylish appeal that suits various face shapes and hair types. It became a staple in barbershops worldwide, especially embraced in urban fashion and celebrity culture, which showcased its modern twist on classic cuts.

Can Curly Hair Mullet Work With Thinning Hair?

A curly hair mullet can be a viable option for those with thinning hair, as the style naturally adds volume and texture to the top and back, helping to mask areas of thinness. However, it’s important to tailor the cut to the specific pattern and degree of hair thinning to ensure it complements rather than highlights the thinner areas. Consulting with a stylist who understands how to balance the hairā€™s natural volume and the visual impact of thinning is crucial for achieving a flattering look.

How Do I Ask for a Taper Fade Curly Haircut?

When you’re ready to get a taper fade with curly hair, it’s important to communicate clearly with your stylist or barber to ensure you get the look you want. Clearly state how short you want the fade to start and how gradual it should be. You can specify a skin fade (where it fades to bare skin) or a scissor fade (which uses scissors instead of clippers for a softer look). Discuss where you want the fade to beginā€”low, mid, or high on the sides.

Bringing a photo of the style youā€™re aiming for can be incredibly helpful. Lastly, talk about any finishing details you prefer, such as sharp lines around the temples or neck, or a more natural, blended edge.

What are the Best Ways to Style Curly Taper Fade?

To style a curly taper fade for formal occasions, start by using a high-quality curl cream or mousse to define and enhance the curls, ensuring they look polished and controlled. Next, apply a light pomade or serum to the tapered areas to add a subtle shine and sleekness, helping to create a more refined appearance. Finally, consider a neat side part or gently pull back the curls with a comb to introduce a touch of classic sophistication, perfect for any formal setting.

How Can I Maintain My Curly Taper Fade?

Maintain a curly taper fade haircut by scheduling regular trims every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the edges sharp and the style defined. Use moisturizing products tailored for curly hair to nourish the curls and a light hold gel or pomade to manage the tapered areas, ensuring the style stays fresh and neat.


Nice and curly does it with our Taper Fade for Curly Hair style. Embrace your natural curls and get a haircut that emphasizes your best features today.

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