What Is The Best Derma Roller Size For Hair Regrowth?

Can derma rollers be used all over my body? Yes. Are they all the same thing? Absolutely not. Derma rollers come in a myriad of sizes. Each size targets a certain layer of the skin and serves a different purpose. So choosing the right size is crucial to get your desired results. 

That means the derma roller that is used on your scalp to grow your hair can’t be used on your face to treat fine lines and acne scars. Both need derma rollers with completely different needle sizes. Otherwise, if you use the wrong one, you’ll either get no results or hurt yourself. 

In this article, we’ll explain the different sizes of derma rollers, their purposes, and which one is the perfect derma roller size for hair regrowth. So let’s get to it.

Derma Roller Needle Size for Hair Growth

Derma rollers come in different needle sizes. They start from 0.2 mm and go all the way to 2.5 mm. The sizes used on your scalp are either 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, 1 mm, or 1.5 mm. Anything else would be too short to make any effect, or too long and might hurt your scalp. 

To further explain the purpose and uses of every needle size, we’ll divide the sizes used on the scalp into two main categories. The needle sizes that target hair nourishment and those that target hair growth. 

0.5 to 1 mm Derma Roller for Hair Nourishment

Smaller needles that range from 0.5 mm to 1 mm only reach the epidermis layer of your scalp. The epidermis layer is the first of three layers of the skin. It won’t drastically boost hair growth per se, but it can aid any topical treatments or oils in nourishing your hair. 

Derma rolling, or microneedling, revitalizes your tissues by creating tiny punctures in the skin. These tiny punctures that reach the epidermis layer will improve the absorption of any topical hair treatment or nourishing oil. 

Professionals also recommend that beginners should start their derma rolling journey with small needle sizes. If it’s your first time to derma roll your scalp, start with a needle size of 0.5 mm. Once your scalp gets used to it, you could move to a bigger size, like 0.7 mm. 

The best technique to maximize your treatment’s potential is to use a derma roller once or twice a week, or every other day when you oil your hair After derma rolling, apply your oil or treatment and gently massage it into your scalp to soothe and nourish your hair and scalp. 

1.5 mm Derma Roller for Hair Growth

Bigger needle sizes, such as 1.5 mm, 2 mm, and 2.5 mm, can dig deep enough into your scalp and reach the dermis layer. The dermis layer is the second layer of the skin, which comes right beneath the epidermis.

In this layer, you find hair follicles, blood vessels, and the star of the show; hair follicle stem cells. When the needles reach the hair follicle, they stimulate the stem cells to produce growth factors. The blood vessels in the dermis will then carry all the nutrients to promote hair growth

You could use derma rolling on its own if you’re suffering from mild hair loss or hair thinning. In case of moderate to severe hair loss, you could pair derma rolling with a topical hair growth treatment prescribed by your doctor. 

As long as the area you’re targeting isn’t completely bald, you’ll see notable results within a few weeks of regular derma rolling. You’ll notice that your hair will begin to grow and become thicker. With time, you’ll get a full head of healthy, luscious hair. 

Just make sure to use the larger needles very carefully to prevent causing any irritation or injuries. You’re likely to get slightly irritated and a little pinpoint bleeding may occur, which is normal. But anything major, and you risk permanent damage to your scalp. 

If this is your first time using a derma roller, have a professional do your microneedling session to prevent major side effects. Especially with large needles, you could scar your hair follicles and cause even more hair loss than before. 

In extreme cases, hair follicles might be permanently injured and could no longer grow any hair. So it’s best to stir clear of all those risks and book a session with a trained and experienced professional. Better safe than sorry. 

How Often Should You Microneedle for Hair Growth? 

The frequency of derma rolling depends on how tolerant your scalp is to microneedling. If you start with small needles, keep your sessions one week apart. You could then progress into twice or three times a week when your scalp starts to tolerate the microneedling process. 

Meanwhile, with larger needles, it’s best to limit your routine to one session per month. Test your scalp and see how it reacts and how long it needs to heal. If the session irritates your scalp, then space out your sessions to once every six weeks or two months. 

As your scalp becomes more tolerant, you could increase the frequency of your sessions up to twice a month, especially when it’s done by a specialist. Most patients prefer to keep their sessions once a month to avoid overwhelming their scalp and give it enough time to heal. 

To Wrap Up

Before you decide that microneedling isn’t for you, make sure you’re using the right size for your goal. You can’t use small needles once every month and expect remarkable hair growth results. 

Similarly, you can’t use large needles every two or three days to enhance a topical treatment’s absorption, and not expect your scalp to be irritated or even wounded. Every size has a specific purpose, and using the right size can do wonders for your hair. 

Choose the right needle length, follow your routine religiously, and you’ll start to see satisfactory results in no time.

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