Derma Rollers For Hair Growth: Do They Really Work?

People of all ages have always been concerned about hair growth because it significantly impacts overall appearance and hygiene.

In addition, hair provides a feeling of identity, boosts confidence, and gives a more youthful appearance. Therefore, giving our crowning glory the best care is essential to ensuring our hair and scalp are healthy.

There are numerous methods to encourage hair growth, many of which concern our everyday hair care regimen and diet.

And speaking of hair care regimen, let me introduce derma rollers for hair growth, often used as an alternative for micro-needling.

Derma Roller for Hair Growth: Does It Work?

The quick answer is yes. And to understand how it works, let us first be familiarized with this trending hair growth product in the market today.

Portable derma rollers have embedded tiny needles that typically range from 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm. It may sound daunting, but derma rolling isn’t painful. You may experience some soreness, but it’s bearable.

Dermarolling is a hair growth remedy that can be done at home and even in a dermatologist’s office. To use a derma roller, the FDA should approve it since it is considered medical equipment and should pass quality control.

While you can use derma rollers at home, it’s advisable to seek a dermatologist’s help to use the equipment properly. The advantages of derma rollers include their affordability, ease of use, and ability to combat hair loss while increasing hair density and thickness.

However, when there are pros, there are cons. The side effects of using derma rollers include redness, irritation, and discomfort. Fortunately, those usually go away in a couple of weeks. 

So when using derma rollers, it’s advisable to research and seek a doctor’s or dermatologist’s guidance. It’s also good to read articles or watch videos about the tool for more knowledge before seeking an expert’s advice.

Can Anyone Use Derma Rollers?

Derma rollers can be used as a home remedy for hair loss by anyone. Another good thing about these tools is that they can be used alone or with topical products, such as hair loss serum.

While many use derma rollers at home, they aren’t for everyone, especially those with skin conditions. If someone with a skin condition intends to use derma rollers, he should undergo a checkup first. 

The tool may be more harmful than helpful if used on skin with a serious skin condition. What are these skin conditions?

Those with skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema or a history of blood clots should consult a doctor or dermatologist before using the tool.

Again, it always pays to be safe.

Choosing the Right Derma Roller

Once you have decided to use a derma roller, choosing the right one is essential. And your decision on what derma roller to use depends on the skin type you’ll use it on.

Given the variety of derma rollers, you can choose from 0.2 and 1.5 mm long, but experts recommend smaller needles when you use the tool at home, especially if it’s your first time.

And to give you an idea of the different needle lengths to choose from and their functions for your skin, let’s continue.

Derma Roller Needles

There are various lengths of derma roller needles. And these can be used depending on your skin condition.

Suppose you have already consulted your dermatologist regarding your skin condition. Hence use this guide to use derma rollers safely. Take note that you can also buy a derma roller needle as a part replacement.


The primary use of this small size is to help the skin absorb whatever products you use. You shouldn’t expect hair growth while using this size, though, as the needles don’t go deep enough to stimulate the hair follicles. 


If you have minor skin flaws and want to enhance its tone and texture, this type of needle is an excellent choice.

It helps get rid of potholes of dirt and dead tissues, not to mention that it whitens and lifts the skin. Moreover, it enlarges pore sizes, lights wrinkles, and helps solve hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


This needle size contributes to a more even complexion, better skin texture, and treating different skin diseases.

If you have problems with skin sagging and wrinkles, scars from acne and other wounds, cellulite, and light stretch marks, this works for you.


This next type of needle is ideal for the decollate area, back of hands, abdomen, and arms.

Use this if you have deep scars from acne, incisional scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. It’s also effective in pigmentation removal.


Lastly, this needle length is best for hardened areas, such as the thighs, feet, and buttocks.

Furthermore, they’re most effective in healing severe stretch marks and intense scars after surgery.

Derma Roller Hair Restoration

While derma rollers can be used in many ways, one of the famous uses is for hair loss.

Using a derma roller may seem simple, but it should be handled with care because it has so many tiny needles that can cause injury to anyone who isn’t accustomed to using it.

To start using, concentrate on rolling the roller on the scalp in three directions – diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. It’s essential to follow the sequence of those three movements to get the maximum benefit while avoiding injury.

As much as possible, avoid rolling over the same spot too frequently, as it may cause injury to the skin. Press down firmly to add pressure, but not too hard to avoid discomfort and soreness.

You will see the best results if you do this routine once or twice weekly. You should only do this once or twice a week as it may harm your skin if done more times than recommended.

Again, it’s essential to read the label of the derma roller and follow instructions. If you are in doubt, you can ask professionals to guide you. 

Stainless Steel or Titanium Derma Rollers?

There are two derma roller needles – stainless steel and titanium. Comparing the two, titanium is more durable because it’s a stronger alloy than stainless steel, resulting in a sharper needle for a more extended period.

Despite performing in a similar manner, stainless steel is more hygienic than titanium. Most medical experts, tattoo artists, and acupuncturists use this stainless steel.

General Tips for Derma Roller Users

When derma rolling, reading the labels and following the instructions is essential. However, if you have doubts, you can seek the help of a doctor or dermatologist so that they will guide you accordingly.

Here are some tips when using a derma roller:

Clean the Derma Rollers Before and After Use.

If there’s one particular thing that you need to avoid, it’s infection. So clean your derma rollers before and after use.

Cleaning it before usage prevents the transport of dirt to your skin. This dirt may come from your environment or your scalp brought by your previous tool use.

All you need to clean your derma roller is an empty glass and some alcohol. Pour enough alcohol into the glass to fully submerge the roller, and then leave it there for 3–5 minutes. Avoid stirring or moving the roller inside the glass to prevent damaging the needless.

Make It a Habit to Read the Instructions

Derma rollers are generally used in the same manner, but brands are constantly competing, and some of them may propose a slight variation during usage.

As such, whenever you get a new roller, read the instructions first to avoid using it incorrectly.

Use the Right Needle

As mentioned earlier, using the right needle is your best approach to getting the results you need without harming your skin.

Whenever you get a roller with a new needle size, consult your physician to know where on your body can you use that needle size, and how hard should you roll.

Be Aware of Sensitive Areas of Your Skin

Before using a derma roller, check for any irritated, inflamed, or open wounds on your skin. Avoid these areas, as the needles might irritate and worsen their conditions. 

If the need is unclean or infected, rolling it over a wound is a guaranteed way for bacterial transmission.

Be Consistent in Using Derma Rollers

Derma rollers producing results is like working out to generate muscle mass. The key is consistency. You won’t immediately see results in a week or two.

Hence you should be religiously using derma rollers for at least one month before seeing notable results.

Consistency also doesn’t mean excessive usage. The maximum, generally allowed number of sessions is two per week. Any more than that and you risk damaging your skin.

Replace Derma Rollers Every Three Months

Derma rollers are like toothbrushes and shaves that must be replaced every once in a while. 

Why? Because as you use this tool, needles will start to lose their original sharpness and become ineffective in doing micro penetrations in your skin’s outer layer.

If ever you notice that the needles are bending and dropping, then it’s a telltale sign to change it.

In addition, you don’t need to buy a very expensive derma roller to get the desired result, as even the cheap ones are effective. Once again, you only have to use the product religiously.

Never Share Your Derma Rollers With Anyone

Just like a toothbrush, it’s a rule never to share your derma rollers to prevent bacterial infection.

What if you have sanitized your derma roller? Can you share it with anyone? Even if you have already sanitized it, it’s always safer to use it yourself and not share it.

Derma rollers are generally affordable, so anyone who needs this tool can buy it.

You can buy them online or in any medical supplies store. Just buy one for yourself and never borrow from someone else, even if you belong to the same family.

Benefits of Scalp Derma Rolling

Whether you do this with the help of a professional or DIY at home, scalp derma rolling has so many benefits.

Experts explain that scalp derma rolling is effective for people in the early stages of hair loss compared to those already in the late stages of hair loss or total baldness.

Aside from hair growth, here are other benefits of scalp derma rolling:

It Improves the Absorption of Hair Products

Derma rolling allows the skin to absorb products such as serums and other topical treatments. It also leads to proper nourishment and scalp hydration, promoting hair growth.

If you are using any hair product, you don’t have to worry while going through the derma rolling process. Just choose which hair products to use that won’t damage your hair.

A Cost-Effective Way of Treating Hair Loss

Why pay a huge amount to treat hair loss when you can just buy a tool that will give you the same result? That’s the good thing about derma rollers – they are cost-effective.

You can purchase a derma roller online or in any nearby medical supplies store. Just ensure that the brand you will buy is FDA-approved to avoid any skin complications.


Do derma rollers work? The short answer is yes. As long as you use them correctly, you should expect notable hair growth results after a couple of months of continuous usage. 

These rollers are cheap, easy to use, easy to clean, and provide great results even if you don’t buy an expensive brand.

The trick is to use those rollers correctly and clean them before and after every use with alcohol. Also, make sure that you select the proper needle size. If you don’t know that, refer to your dermatologist.

Stay hygienic and don’t share your derma rollers even if you’re in the same family. A product that comes in contact with someone’s skin can gather a lot of bacteria. You don’t want to pass those around. 

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