Did John Travolta Get a Hair Transplant? Expert Reveals All

John Travolta is an iconic Hollywood legend who starred in many successful films. However, not everyone knows his hair loss struggles behind the scenes.

This article will discuss John’s battle with male pattern baldness throughout his career and how he managed it. Did John Travolta get a hair transplant? Let’s find out.

When Did John Travolta Start Losing His Hair?

John Joseph Travolta started making waves in his acting career in the 70s. We remember the iconic American actor for his role as Danny Zuko in Grease, rocking a slicked-back hairdo.

However, his career went quiet for a bit in the mid-80s, and little did the public know it was the beginning of some hair loss issues. He had just turned 30 back then as he ditched the slicked-back hairstyle.

Since then, people often see him with waves and bangs instead. By 1989, John Travolta showed clearer but subtle signs of male pattern baldness,

Although he was still a renowned rising star in Hollywood, John Travolta’s hair loss issues affected his career’s momentum. His lifestyle, combined with turning 30, definitely took a toll on his healthy and full-of-volume hair.

Did John Travolta Get Hair Plugs?

Getting hair plugs is an older form of hair transplant that’s no longer used. Scientific advancements have led hair transplant procedures to broader horizons with FUT and FUE.

John Travolta has undergone a few hair surgeries throughout his career, but getting hair plugs was never one of them. Luckily, he was able to take advantage of more advanced tech to aid in his hair loss issues.

Are Hair Plugs Effective?

By the early 2000s, hair plugs as a form of hair transplant were starting to phase out in the medical field. As much as it was useful to some extent back then, it’s far from how safe and effective the newer procedures are.

It’s no surprise that John Travolta opted to use other, more advanced methods to restore some of his lost hair. Hair plugs often produce an unnatural-looking hairline, giving you a doll-like appearance.

By the late 2000s, hair plugs were no longer a thing and were replaced by newer hair transplant techniques, such as the FUT and FUE.

Did John Travolta Ever Use a Wig?

As John Travolta continued to age and his hair loss progressed even further, we see the actor sporting eye-catching wigs on and off-screen. Not only did he use it to mask his thinning hair, but it was also called for in various movie roles.

For instance, he was wearing a beehive wig in Hairspray as Edna Turnblad. On the other hand, we see a dreadlock-looking wig when he starred as Terl, the villain, in Battlefield Earth.

Although he wore wigs for different roles, he was also open to the idea of using them off-screen. Wigs and toupees helped mask John’s receding hairline and thinning hair issues.

Is John Travolta Bald?

For the past four years, we’ve been seeing John Travolta rocking a clean, shaved look with a full beard. Despite the mixed reactions he received from the public, there’s no denying how easily he pulls the bald look off.

We first got a glimpse of this clean, bald look back on January 6, 2019. To no surprise, it quickly made headlines for various publications and remained a hot topic for weeks. Nevertheless, it didn’t faze the legendary Hollywood star, as he was comfortable with how he looked, given his age.

Renowned rapper Armando Perez, also known as Pitbull, inspired the actor to embrace the bald look, which turned out to be a success for John Travolta. John, himself, claims that the shaved look feels great, and we can see how well it translates in his Instagram posts and recent Oscar appearances.

How Many Times Did John Travolta Undergo Hair Transplant Surgeries?

John Travolta started showing signs of hair thinning in the late 80s to early 90s. Though we can confirm that he wore a wig for his role in Pulp Fiction in 1994, there’s a noticeable added definition to his hairline back then.

With that said, it’s possible this was when he opted to try an FUT transplantation to restore some of his youthful looks. We can also confirm that he was trying on different hairpieces, wigs, and toupees from 2000 onwards to cover some thinning spots.

Noticeable improvements in John Travolta’s hair started to surface in the films Wild Hogs and Be Cool. It’s believed he underwent an FUE transplant in 2016 to get a healthier and more natural-looking hairline.

Here’s a timeline summary of John Travolta’s hair loss progression and recovery:

  • 1970s to early 1980s: Full long hair (mullet)
  • 1989 to early 1990s: Early signs of male pattern baldness and receding hairline
  • Mid-1990s: First FUT hair transplant
  • 2000 onwards: He started to use wigs and other hairpieces
  • 2016: Second potential FUE hair transplant with low-maintenance buzz cuts
  • 2019 onwards: Clean shave look

Did John Travolta Undergo an FUT or FUE Hair Transplant?

Based on the timeline of John Travolta’s hair loss progression and recovery, it’s possible he tried both of these procedures. Considering how he started losing hair during the time newer forms of hair surgeries were arising, the actor had more than enough means to undergo such expensive medical procedures.

We can also see stunning results from these surgeries, as John eventually restored his full hair and defined hairline. However, the actor has yet to publicly confirm any of these hair transplants to date.

Regardless if he confirms it or not, what matters is his well-being and how he deals with such a challenging situation. After all, we can see how supportive his friends, family, and fans are throughout the ordeal.

What Caused John Travolta to Lose His Hair?

It’s believed that John Travolta’s hair loss was caused by androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness for men. While this genetically predetermined disorder usually starts at the age of 50, it can happen as early as post-puberty.

In John’s case, we notice the disorder taking effect when he reached 30. It’s also likely that his stressful lifestyle in Hollywood during the formative years of his acting career contributed to further hair loss.

With androgenetic alopecia, his hairline continued to recede over time, combined with thinning hair in the crown area. If we base it on the Norwood scale, John Travolta would be ranked at 4A.

Did John Travolta Continue Losing Hair After Having a Hair Transplant?

Following John Travolta’s first hair transplant surgery in the mid-90s, we can still see some hair loss issues despite the improvements. As for his second procedure, it’s hard to tell since he went for a clean, shaved look three years after.

What we can say for sure is that the actor is happy and comfortable sporting a bald look. Not only is it less hassle to maintain, but it also looks sleek and sophisticated on him.

As much as he’s tried various solutions to his hair loss issues, it’s no longer something to worry about. On top of that, his fans, friends, and family are supportive enough of John Travolta’s battle with androgenetic alopecia.

Final Thoughts

John Travolta is an inspiration not only to his fans but also to those struggling with hair loss. It’s not easy for a Hollywood icon to deal with such issues, but he managed with all the support he has.

Hair loss may not seem like a big deal to others, but it does take a toll on one’s self-esteem and mental health. Hopefully, John Travolta’s case lets people suffering from these conditions know they’re not alone.

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