Perawatan Rambut PRP Sebelum dan Sesudah: Apa yang Diharapkan 

Hair loss isn’t easy to handle. Our hair frames our faces beautifully and sits on top of our heads like a unique crown, distinct to each one. 

As a result, when our hair falls, it truly affects our mental health. So, for those of you seeking a solution, far from surgical transplants, this guide discusses PRP hair treatment before and after. 

We’ll help you understand what this procedure entails, when you should get it, and what it’ll look like afterward.  

Ready to get your luscious mane back? Let’s begin! 

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure 

Before looking at the before and after images of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment, you should learn how this procedure works first. 

To start, the professionals at the clinic you visit take some blood from you— generally, a small amount, around 10–60 milliliters.  

After that, they insert it in a mesin sentrifugal. This machine spins fast to separate the fluids in your blood from each other.  

The centrifuge spins the blood from about ten minutes until it splits into the the following three layers: 

  • Platelet-poor plasma. 
  • Platelet-rich plasma. 
  • Red blood cells. 

For the procedure to work, they move the platelet-rich plasma layer into a syringe and inject the affected parts into your scalp with it.  

Menurut several studies, the PRP cells should increase blood flow and, as a result, improve hair growth. 

Of course, the magic of the PRP hair treatment doesn’t show after just one session. You’ll notice some difference in your hair growth after about 4–6 weeks from finishing all your sessions. 

Also, the average sessions per person differ, but they’re typically around three to four sessions with intervals lasting from five to six weeks. 

When To Get PRP Hair Treatment 

Now that you know what the procedure entails, it’s time to consider if you should go through with it.  

There are several cases in which PRP hair treatment surpasses other drastic options, like surgical transplants, including: 

  • Androgenetic Alopecia 

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness, is one of the most common forms of hair loss affecting both sexes.  

The cause behind this isn’t quite clear, but it seems a variation in the AR gene is responsible for this pattern of baldness.  

With men, it starts with a receding hairline and thinning at the crown, and with women, it’s a general thinning of hair across the scalp. 

In either case, this little issue can be treatable with PRP hair loss treatments as it encourages hair growth. 

  • Hair Thinning 

Unlike hair loss, hair thinning is a different matter, which could be a sign of an underlying issue, like Androgenetic Alopecia.  

Hair thinning doesn’t have the same patch-like look as baldness, but it does make your head look sparsely covered. 

However, one of the best things about hair thinning is that, if spotted early and with the right treatment like PRP, you can help your hair grow back better than before. 

A small note, though: It’s best to check your diet and stress levels as these can significantly impact your hair’s health and contribute to thinning. 

What To Expect After a PRP Hair Treatment 

The PRP hair treatment before and after pictures are almost staggering. To most clients, it meant taking back control of their looks and regaining much of their confidence.  

Here are the differences you can expect after the treatment:   

1. Reduced Hair Loss

One of the most immediate and noticeable results of the PRP hair treatment is a reduction in hair loss.  

This treatment works by injecting the scalp with a concentration of your own platelets, rich in growth factors.  

These little factors play a pivotal role in healing and regenerating the hair follicles that can be damaged or dormant but not dead.  

Once they’re rejuvenated, they produce hair again, leading to a significant decrease in the hair shedding rate when compared to growth.  

Of course, you’ll still lose the average amount as hair must fall, but it won’t be as drastic as before. 

2. Increased Hair Thickness

Over the weeks following the treatment, clients typically observe an increase in hair thickness. This is the result of the platelets-rich plasmas helping your hair follicles! 

As we mentioned, because the follicles are renovated and are now receiving more blood for growth, the loss rate is much lower than before, stabilizing the overall look. 

Also, with the growth factors pushing the follicles from resting to an active growth phase, you’ll start seeing new, thicker hair strands! 

This process not only increases the density of your hair but also contributes to the overall volume, giving a fuller appearance. 

Months after the treatment, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in hair thickness with the scalp becoming less and less visible through your hair. 

3. Enhanced Scalp Health

One of the best elements of PRP hair treatment is that it’s not simply a cosmetic procedure; it’s medical. 

Menurut several studies, PRP may actually stimulate hair growth as well as its thickness and density. What does that mean? 

Simply put, the injection of growth factors helps enhance blood circulation to the scalp, which is crucial for nourishing the hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth.  

This improved circulation is conducive to a healthy scalp environment, reducing issues such as flakiness or inflammation, and leaving you with beautiful hair and scalp! 

4. Gradual Results

Lastly, the PRP treatment offers something that many of us are striving for: A gradual, natural look.  

Unlike hair transplant, the treatment here isn’t at all surgical and wouldn’t leave you with any discernible scars or immediate changes that draw attention or require a long recovery time. 

Instead, the changes brought by the PRP hair treatment unfold gradually over several months to allow your natural follicles to reawaken, enhancing your hair’s density and seamlessly blending with the existing hair. 

Kata Penutup 

The PRP hair treatment before and after is truly remarkable when compared to how simple the procedure is.  

After just a couple of months, you’ll notice a difference in how much your hair falls and grows simultaneously. 

It offers a beacon of hope for those of us who don’t want surgical transplants and are seeking a less invasive, yet effective solution for hair loss. 

In short, PRP therapy, with its usage of the body’s natural healing elements, offers a unique approach to hair care that deserves acknowledgment. 

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