15 Brokkoli / Nassmop-Frisuren: Der Leitfaden 2024 für modebewusste Männer

Some men’s hairstyles just won’t go away. Case in point- the Broccoli Cut hairstyle has made a triumphant return this 2024 and proved that old can be new again. Based on its quirky namesake, the Broccoli hair is characterized by a heavy and tousled top resembling the vegetable, with short strands hanging down or sticking out in a somewhat unruly fashion and either cropped or faded sides. Offering youthful exuberance and versatile hair for any occasion, the wet mop hairstyle celebrates timeless fashion that’s updated with a playful twist.

What is the Broccoli Cut Hairstyle?

The Broccoli hairstyle, often called the ‘wet mop’, features lots of texture and volume on the top and a fade on the back and side. The key characteristic is the intentionally messy look that gives off a relaxed vibe. Younger individuals tend to choose the broccoli hair to make a personal statement, with slight variations at the top, sides, and back. Styling the broccoli is easier than most, with casual and unchecked being the most popular preference.

15 Best Broccoli Haircut Styles

1. Classic Broccoli Hairstyle

The Classic Broccoli hairstyle is distinguished by its voluminous, textured top layers that mimic the lush, bunched appearance of a broccoli crown, paired with neatly tapered sides that offer a clean contrast. This style exudes a playful yet refined aura, balancing between casual ruggedness and structured neatness, making it a versatile choice for various settings.

Popular variations include the “Curly Broccoli,” which embraces natural curls for a more dynamic texture, and the “Sleek Broccoli,” featuring a more polished, combed top for a sophisticated twist.

Ideal für: most hair types, oval and square face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 6/10

2. Sideswept Broccoli Cut

The Side Swept Broccoli hairstyle elevates the classic look with an artistic twist, featuring the characteristic voluminous, textured top of the broccoli cut, but styled to sweep gracefully to one side. This variant adds a sense of dynamism and movement, giving off a stylish, modern vibe that’s both eye-catching and elegant.

A popular variation includes the “Textured Side Swept Broccoli,” which incorporates choppy layers for added texture, and the “Undercut Side Swept Broccoli,” combining the side sweep with a sharp undercut for a bold, contemporary edge.

Ideal für: medium to thick hair types, round or heart-shaped faces
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 8/10

3. Short Broccoli with Gentle Fade

The Short Broccoli with Gentle Fade hairstyle is a sleek and modern take on the traditional broccoli cut, featuring shorter, textured layers on top that blend seamlessly into a subtle fade on the sides and back. This style offers a refined, clean look while maintaining the playful essence of the broccoli cut with its slight volume and texture on top.

Popular variations include the “Razor Short Broccoli,” which uses a razor technique for a more defined texture on top, and the “Faded Broccoli with Hard Part,” incorporating a pronounced side part line into the gentle fade for a more structured and edgy appeal.

Ideal für: Fine hair, faces with sharp features
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 6/10

4. Broccoli Mohawk with Beard and Fade

The Broccoli Mohawk with Beard and Fade is a bold and edgy interpretation of the broccoli cut, combining the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the textured, voluminous top of the broccoli style. This daring version features a pronounced Mohawk stripe that runs along the top of the head, merging seamlessly into a well-groomed beard, complemented by a sharp fade on the sides for a clean, modern finish.

For variations, there’s the “Colorful Broccoli Mohawk,” which introduces vibrant hair colors into the mix, and the “Soft Broccoli Mohawk,” which tones down the edginess for a more subtle, everyday version while keeping the distinctive Mohawk and beard elements.

Ideal für: thick hair, oval and angular face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 9/10

5. Loose Textured Broccoli with Fade

The Loose Textured Broccoli with Fade is a relaxed yet stylish take on the broccoli hairstyle, offering a laid-back, approachable look. It features the signature broccoli-style volume and texture on top, but with a softer, more natural feel, combined with a clean, gradual fade on the sides that adds a contemporary edge.

Variations of this style include the “Curly Broccoli with Fade,” emphasizing natural curls for a bolder texture, and the “Slick Back Broccoli with Fade,” offering a more polished version where the top is styled backward for a sleeker appearance.

Ideal für: Naturally curly or wavy hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

6. Fringed Broccoli Hair with Low Taper

The Fringed Broccoli Hair with Low Taper is a trendy and youthful variation of the broccoli cut, characterized by a pronounced, textured fringe that softly cascades over the forehead, blended into the classic voluminous top. This look is complemented by a subtle, low taper on the sides and back, giving a refined and neat silhouette while keeping the focus on the playful fringe.

Popular variations include the “Textured Fringed Broccoli,” which amps up the hair’s texture for a more rugged look, and the “Swept-Back Fringed Broccoli,” where the fringe is styled back for a cleaner, more sophisticated take on the style.

Ideal für: Straight or wavy, heart-shaped and oval faces
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 8/10

7. Thick Broccoli Fringe and Low Fade

The Thick Broccoli Fringe and Low Fade hairstyle is a contemporary and bold style that combines a thick, prominent fringe with the textured top of a classic broccoli cut. This striking look is balanced by a low fade on the sides, which adds a sleek, modern element to the overall style.

Variations of this style include the “Swept-Up Thick Broccoli Fringe,” where the fringe is styled upward for an edgier look, and the “Soft Thick Broccoli Fringe,” which tones down the boldness with a more relaxed, natural fall of the fringe.

Ideal für: thick hair types, square or oval face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 8/10

8. Low-Fade Broccoli Haircut

The Low-Fade Broccoli Haircut is a sleek and modern adaptation of the broccoli style, distinguished by its voluminous and textured top that gradually tapers into a neat low fade on the sides and back. This combination offers a stylish contrast between the playful, tousled top and the crisp, clean lines of the fade, creating a look that is both trendy and polished.

For variations, consider the “Textured Low-Fade Broccoli,” which emphasizes a more rugged, heavily textured look, or the “Slicked-Back Low-Fade Broccoli,” offering a more formal and refined version with the top styled back smoothly.

Ideal für: most hair types, round and oval face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

9. Two-Toned Curly Broccoli

The Two-Toned Curly Broccoli hairstyle is an adventurous and vibrant twist on the classic broccoli cut, featuring a daring dual-color scheme that adds an extra dimension of style. The top showcases natural curls in the broccoli style, heightened by a contrasting color against the base hue, creating a striking visual impact.

Variations on this style might include the “Ombre Curly Broccoli,” which uses a gradient color effect for a subtler contrast, and the “Highlighted Curly Broccoli,” featuring streaks or highlights for added depth and dimension to the curls.

Ideal für: Naturally curly hair, various face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 8/10

10. Broccoli Fade with Line Part

The Broccoli Fade with Line Part is a sleek and modern adaptation of the broccoli cut, combining the voluminous, textured top with a crisp, defined line part. This distinctive parting adds a sharp, tailored aspect to the hairstyle, juxtaposed against the softer, tousled look of the broccoli top. The look is completed with a fade on the sides, seamlessly blending into the line part for a clean, contemporary finish.

Variations include the “Hard Line Broccoli Fade,” which emphasizes a more pronounced and deeper line part, and the “Soft Broccoli Fade with Disconnected Part,” offering a more subtle line part for a less edgy, yet equally stylish alternative.

Ideal für: straight or slightly wavy hair, oval and rectangular face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

11. Short-Cropped Broccoli Style

The Short-Cropped Broccoli hairstyle is a refined and subtle take on the classic broccoli cut, featuring shorter, well-defined layers on top that maintain the textured look but with a more controlled, clean-cut appearance. This style is complemented by closely cropped sides, creating a sleek and streamlined silhouette that’s both modern and sophisticated.

Popular variations of this style include the “Textured Short-Cropped Broccoli,” which incorporates subtle choppy layers for added texture, and the “Fade Short-Cropped Broccoli,” blending in a fade on the sides for a more dynamic and contemporary edge.

Ideal für: fine hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 5/10

12. Tight Curly Broccoli Fade and Shape Up Combo

The Tight Curly Broccoli Fade and Shape Up hairstyle is a dynamic and striking interpretation of the broccoli style, tailored for those with tight, natural curls. It features a lush, voluminous top with densely packed curls, creating a rich texture reminiscent of broccoli florets, coupled with a sharp fade on the sides that enhances its modern appeal. The look is polished off with a precise shape-up around the hairline, adding a clean, defined edge.

Variations include the “Softened Tight Curly Broccoli Fade,” which offers a more subtle fade for a less dramatic contrast, and the “Highlighted Tight Curly Broccoli Fade,” incorporating color highlights to add depth and dimension to the curls.

Ideal für: tightly curled hair, prominent jawlines
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

13. Blowout Broccoli and Taper

The Blowout Broccoli and Taper hairstyle combines the exaggerated volume and flair of a blowout with the textured, playful top of a broccoli cut, creating a bold and stylish look. The top is styled to achieve maximum volume and a slightly tousled appearance, while the taper on the sides and back offers a neat, gradual transition, enhancing the hairstyle’s modern and edgy feel.

Variations of this style include the “Subtle Blowout Broccoli,” which tones down the volume for a more everyday look, and the “Slicked-Back Blowout Broccoli,” where the hair is styled back for a sleek, refined appearance.

Ideal für: thick hair, round and oval face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

14. Bushy Broccoli Top with Line Up

The Bushy Broccoli Top with Line Up is a vibrant and eye-catching hairstyle that blends the lush, full-bodied texture of a bushy broccoli top with a crisply executed line up. This style showcases an abundant, bushy top, reminiscent of broccoli florets, full of volume and movement, while the line up along the hairline and temples adds a sharp, defined contour that enhances the face’s structure.

Variations on this style include the “Sleek Bushy Broccoli Top,” where the hair is styled to have a more controlled, polished look, and the “Faded Bushy Broccoli Top,” incorporating a fade on the sides for a more pronounced contrast with the voluminous top.

Ideal für: thick or curly hair, rounded faces
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 7/10

15. Broccoli and Mullet

The Broccoli and Mullet hairstyle is an audacious fusion of the textured, voluminous top of a broccoli cut with the classic, rebellious charm of a mullet. This distinctive combination results in a style that features the characteristic short front and sides of a broccoli cut, transitioning into the longer, layered back of a mullet, creating a bold, statement look.

Variations include the “Curly Broccoli and Mullet,” emphasizing natural curls for a more textured look, and the “Sleek Broccoli and Mullet,” which offers a smoother, more refined take on this edgy style.

Ideal für: Naturally wavy or curly hair, oval and rectangular face shapes
Styling-Schwierigkeit: 8/10

Tips to Style Your Broccoli Cut Hair

Styling a broccoli cut is easy. If you decide to go with the TikTok trend and get yourself one, it’s recommended that you visit your barber or hairdresser.

There are no special techniques needed to style a wet mop. However, constant visits for trims and chopping it down are important if you want to maintain this hairstyle. Heed these tips to keep your broccoli hair neat and weed-free.

Want More Volume? Blow Dry. After washing your hair, apply a heat protectant. Use a blow dryer to lift the hair at the roots, directing the air upwards for maximum volume. A diffuser attachment can help enhance natural texture.

Go with the Hair Flow. If you have curly or wavy hair, embrace it. Use products that enhance your natural curls or waves, and consider using a curl-enhancing cream or sea salt spray for added texture.

No Need for a Comb. Once your hair is dry, use your fingers to style. Avoid combs or brushes, as they can make the hair too neat. Instead, tousle and twist sections of your hair with your hands.

Less is More. Be careful not to overdo it with products, which can make your hair look greasy or weighed down. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. You’ll want a balance of controlled messiness and volume for that laid-back yet stylish look.


What is the Broccoli Hair?

A broccoli haircut is a playful, voluminous hairstyle characterized by textured, layered strands that resemble the florets of a broccoli crown. It’s a modern, edgy style that combines a longer, tousled top with varying lengths on the sides and back, creating a distinctive, youthful appearance.

Can Broccoli Hairstyle Work with Thinning Hair?

Adopting a broccoli cut for thinning hair can be challenging, but it’s doable. Choose a lighter version and use a generous amount of volumizing product for a fuller appearance. Work with a barber or hairdresser who understands how to cut and style thinner hair- they can enhance your hair’s natural volume and texture on the thinning areas.

How Do I Ask for a Broccoli Cut?

Clear communication is important if you want to get the broccoli haircut you want. Before anything, you should explain the hairstyle itself and your preferred length on the top, sides, and back. In addition, you can mention your hair type and if there are thinning areas you want covered.

Images of a broccoli haircut saved from your phone can be a lifesaver especially if you’ve grown your hair so long or if the barber is confused and unsure of the hairstyle.

Why is the Broccoli Haircut so Popular in 2024?

The broccoli hairstyle first gained popularity in the early 2020s, emerging as a fresh and playful trend among younger demographics looking for unique, textured haircuts. Its rise was fueled by social media and celebrity influences, quickly becoming a symbol of individuality and modern style.

What are the Best Ways to Style Wet Mop Haircut for Formal Occasions?

Styling broccoli hair for formal occasions involves a great conditioner, smoothing cream or serum, and a hairspray for a polished appearance. Apply a heat protectant before styling, then dry, tame the frizz, and refine with pomade or wax. A side part is optional and if you want some structure.

How Can I Maintain My Broccoli Hair Cut?

Visit your barber or hairdresser for a trim every 4-6 weeks. Texturizing sprays and volumizing shampoos add much-needed volume, while minimal heat and gently styling can extend your hairstyle’s lifespan.


Show the world your cool and edgy side with the broccoli cut hairstyle. If you want a hairdo that’s easy to maintain and goes with your daily flow, then consider asking for a broccoli or wet mop haircut the next time you visit your barber or hairdresser.

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